How to straighten a member?

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Owners curved members often seek its rectification.There are techniques to achieve real results.Correction process is quite long, always individual and not in all cases possible.

First we need to figure out why a member of the curve.Curving can be congenital (underdevelopment of the shell, abnormal structure) and acquired (injury, Peyronie's disease, oleogranulema).

to think about how to straighten the member is only when pain, erectile dysfunction, the appearance of seals in place of curvature, with contractures.These cases do require the intervention of specialists.

Crooked penis - are not uncommon.But many men, knowing this, continue complexes, which often becomes a major cause of erectile dysfunction.For the owner of the penis to the irregular shape of the sexual act becomes akin to torture.This implies further sources of psychological problems.Man subconsciously (or intentionally) exclude sex refuses to Me, for fear of possible difficulties closes.

How to straighten member surgically?Be prepared for circumcision (to start) the foreskin.Next are three types of straightening.

The first member of the cavernous cut wedge-shaped piece and stitch.The effect is achieved, but the sexual organ for a couple of centimeters will be smaller in size.Available komplekatsiya (curvature over time in the other direction).

The second offered a plastic tissue lengthening shortened side.The operation is complicated.Often there are scars, worsening an erection.Perhaps repeated bending of the penis.

third option - phalloplasty: the authority sewed plastic rods.One gets the feeling of constant erection (even in the absence of excitation).However, there has not always proceed without scarring, which reduces sensitivity.

How to straighten a member of a vacuum pump?She holds the genital organ in the expanded state, more stretching the shorter side, stimulates blood circulation, the number of cells increases and the penis is straightened.The creators promise to pump straightening 50% after a year of daily procedures.

How to straighten a member of the extender?Let's start with the fact that among them there are varieties of dynamic type (mechanical) and vacuum (as an example - a German "Phalloan").The second is perhaps preferable - sticks to the head, can be worn for a long time (even sleeping), there is no discomfort or pain, invisible (allows you to familiar and previously lifestyle).A member will always be pressed against your body and tension.We do not need bandages, silicone gaskets, winding.Worn up to twelve hours.Not only straightened penis, but also increases, and with it - and the head.

How to straighten a member of massage?

method first.The penis is lubricated, taken with two fingers at the bottom and moves up and down.At the base of the capture is enhanced (blood should hold).Speed ​​increases.When you reach an erection - again a firm grip at the base with one hand and near the head - another.In this form, the penis stretched sideways (with a delay of 20 seconds) at 7-8 times in each direction.Now you can capture weaken.Blood hath ebbed from the penis, ejaculation is possible.Pain should not be.In an exercise takes less than 7 minutes.Performed sitting or standing.

second method.Strive to start erection.Now a member of the exhaust in the blood (the method of "milking") and closes it at the bottom of the stream.In this state, a member is bent in the opposite curved sides.Massage is about half an hour, every day, at least twice a day for several months.

Doctors often advise against such methods, arguing that without surgery, and it is impossible to think about how to straighten the penis.Actually, this is understandable: for operations specialist receives a certain amount.And keeping rectified massage members are not being ...

samples.It takes months, but the result will be.Good luck!