How to make the right lawn?

Lawn - a unique decoration of the site.It is capable of even the most nondescript courtyard to make a paradise filled with comfort and even aristocratic.If other countries have long used the lawn to decorate the front of their home areas, in our country it is that the new product.Because not all people know how to make the right pitch.However, it can learn every man wants.

Advantages lawn

Lawn - this is a great way to decorate areas of different sizes.It is perfect for large, and for a small patio.Just need to keep track of where it is planted.Some species are so picky that they need to grow only in the sun, others are ready to suffer the inconvenience.

lawn - is not only a way to decorate the site.It is also a great help in promoting health.When people come from big cities, leaving dusty and stuffy offices and temporarily forget about the computer monitors and laptops, their vision must rest.Green calms.A bright emerald grass has great impact on people's vision: it improves, allowing your eyes to relax.

lawn will be a great friend and helper in the hot summer days.Firstly, it will occupy an area which could saturate the air surrounding dust.Secondly, he is able to give the site fresh.And relax on the green, luscious carpet in the open air very nice.You can get a nice tan, enjoy the cool and enjoy the beautiful summer clouds, sometimes folding in bizarre figures of people and animals.

Types lawns

Not everyone knows, but the lawns are divided into several types.Therefore, before choosing the right lawn, you need to decide for what purpose you need it.The lawn can be just a decoration, or soft carpets laid on the ground.

At the moment, there are four kinds of lawns, used to decorate the area.The most popular is the landscape.In addition, there parterre, flower and roll types.

Gardening lawn

When people decide to choose a green lawn, they often think it is about gardening.It is so popular that it is called ordinary.

Gardening option looks very good graces plot fills it with bright colors of summer.At the same time this is the best carpet in the open air.It is great for picnics, gatherings and games.This type of grass will take a rest patiently on it people.It does not deteriorate and wither if it have a little party.This is the pitch on which the rest in foreign parks.Although, of course, you need to know when to stop.Something that can not even move it.

For this you need to take care of the lawn.The owners will have to buy a lawn mower and ensure that their jewelry is not too grow.Moreover, it should not be allowed to dry out the soil.However, all the pleasure that brings landscape lawn will block all the shortcomings.

Parterre lawn

Ground view is called English.This is the type of lawn that will be a real decoration.It will be a landmark treasure.Amazing looks emerald lawn.Photos adorn many of its magazines on landscape.However, the beauty will have to pay their time and energy.

In contrast to the landscape, a ground option is very capricious.He would not tolerate if it will go on or someone conceives a picnic.So you can only admire the lawn.

Caring for parterre view is very difficult.We need to begin to choose the place where he will always be favored by the sun.Every day should be watered a lawn.Dressing - it is something without which it can not exist normally.

believed that to English lawn was truly excellent and attracted looks to spend on caring for at least two hundred years.However, some experts argue that the time can be significantly reduced.

Flower lawn

flower species has many other names.It is also called Moorish and clover.Although it is precisely the enchanting view, which is well suited to the style of Provence.He will be able to decorate the site and liken it to a neat German or Swiss rustic cabin.

Flower view is not as capricious as a ground.It includes not only the pitch but also the clover.This flower carpet will be enjoyed by many.After you have selected the place and found a solution, how to sow the lawn care can be limited only to the weeding.Clover will multiply itself and therefore flower carpet will live a very long time.


Round view is more expensive than all the others.But people who choose it, it is much easier to answer the question of how to make the right pitch.

Round - is the type of grass that is cut turf.It is necessary to bring the rolls and put them competently.It is better to attract specialist.Rolls weigh very much, but because one person to cope with them will be impossible.

Turf is very easy to clean.It does not need to weed it, because he spared the weeds.Lawn easily transfer Drought and frost.Do not have to wait long when the lawn will rise and beautify the site.The work will be completed in a few days.

First Steps

All the people who think about how to make the right pitch, should start with the most simple.Once selected the desired type of lawn, you have to be familiar with its needs.It is important to know how much you need to sunlight, humidity, and other requirements.And then choose the appropriate criteria for all the area on the site.

Once this issue is resolved, you must free up space of debris, weeds, rocks and everything else that will prevent the lawn to grow beautiful and strong.

When the site is clear, it is necessary to look at the composition of the soil.Clay or mixed with slag, construction waste soil - is the enemy of a beautiful green carpet under the open sky.When the system will be laid to divert excess water and made water, it will need to improve the soil.

next stage will be the fertilizer.Everyone knows that there is nothing better than organic fertilizers.Once the soil is enriched with manure, you need to deeply process and leave it to rest for a while.All this work should be carried out in the autumn to the spring to take up the landing of greenery.

Spring works

When the snow melted from the ground, then it is time to think about your lawn.Warm April and May are ideal for this purpose.You will have to level the ground, harrow or cultivate it.And only then can we proceed with the planting of seeds.

In order to start this business, you need to choose a calm day.It can not only be in April or May.Choose any time when the soil is dry.Only it must be remembered that in the hot summer days, the lawn will require more moisture than in the spring.

Some people decide to plant several types of lawn.In this case, you will see how much time one comes up, and for some - other.And then all the land in accordance with these terms.Then the land will look beautiful and well maintained.

typically used drills.Although in some areas it is inconvenient.This may be a small surface area or irregularly shaped.It should be noted

border lawn.They should plant more seeds than in other areas.

What to do after a lawn planted

So, lawn planted.It seems that we have already found an answer to the question of how to make the right pitch, and then everything will be easy.This is not true.Once the seeds are planted, you will need to care for them.

must first leveled portion of the rake.When this is finished, it's time to special roller compacted earth.However, let it currently can not do everything.Do not despair.You can own hands to create a tool for the compaction of the earth.This will require a hefty plank.They need to be put where the lawn was planted.And then to these boards have to go.And then the earth will be perfectly compacted.

Lawn Care

As with any plant, lawn requires water.It is better to use sprays.We can not allow the land dried up.However, unacceptable to the lawn surrounded by pools, or that the grass in the water drowning.

Do not include sprays a day.There is an optimal time to soak the ground reviver.This must be done before 10 am or in the evening.

As everyone knows by American and British films, the lawn should be cut to make it look beautiful.For the first time it is better not to use the mower, because it can pull out the lawn roots.Some places will be bare.It is better to use a regular braid.