How to revive and preserve the freshness of a rose bouquet for a long time

Buying or receive a gift of a bouquet of flowers, many did not hesitate to put it in a vase with water, and the next day to regret exhibit drooping head.Naturally, such a "beauty" immediately goes into the trash.Especially insulting, when it comes to a beautiful bouquet of beautiful roses.But it turns out, this unfortunate situation and can prevent and even correct.If you act right, any bouquet could stay fresh for a week or even longer.

Why rose quickly wither?

This question is often asked by the hostess.Indeed, in flower shops and stalls, they look quite fresh, as if just been cut from the bush.The fact is that all experienced florists knows how to revive wilting roses and what to do, so that they looked impressive.

reason drooping buds and leaves dry up, as a rule, the one and only: the lack of moisture.So that the main secret of fresh cut flowers lies in the fact that they do not lose it.While Rose was alive, it feeds on the roots through the stem.The liquid enters the leaves and buds through the capillaries.Once the flower is cut to make it look "alive", the need to maximize hydration.

resistance rose in a vase depends on many factors, from c conditions of its cultivation and ending with transportation, the chemical composition of the water in which there are stems, and the temperature in the room.Buying bouquet, the buyer is unlikely to know its history.And even more so will not affect the method and conditions for growing flowers and their delivery.But if he knows how to spice up roses, how to keep them fresh and keep what conditions, that is enough.

What should I look for when buying

Unfortunately, when creating bouquets unscrupulous florists often tend to use very fresh and not spoiled even the flowers by placing them at the center or by using masking decorations or other simple devices.After such a purchase, after just a few hours, it may be a question of how to revive the wilted roses.This bouquet not even reach the addressee.

order not to fall into such an awkward situation, when you buy should be, firstly, to ask the florist to create a bouquet in the presence of the client.Sure, it takes some time, but will make it possible to control exactly which flowers will be included in its composition.Secondly, attention should be paid to the sections.In fresh roses are bright (though no one will disturb update them every morning, simulating the new delivery).And, thirdly, it is advisable to choose flowers with dense buds in the "shirts" that can be removed directly in the formation of the bouquet.

What added to the water

If you ask the florist how to revive the roses or to extend their vase life, surely he will offer to buy a special powder.Sometimes this tool really helps, but sometimes, on the contrary, the flowers die even faster.The fact that a bag rarely show up, so it is difficult to assume that there is poured, and how useful this substance.So it is better to use proven methods.

first thing you should do before you put the roses in a vase - cut their stems.Even if they look quite fresh, it does not hurt.Cutting must be at an angle of 45 degrees, preferably with a sharp knife.Then, move the skin from the edge by approximately 2-3 cm. This allows the colors to get the maximum amount of moisture.You also need to understand that the longer the stem, the harder it is to get into the water a flower, breaking its way through the capillaries.So it is very long, Rose is better to shorten or put in a special tall vase to ensure maximum contact with moisture area.

of the chemicals florists recommend using regular sugar (10 grams per liter of water) and hinzol (1 gram per 10 liters).Another option - a solution of chlorine (cheapest suitable bleach) - dropwise per liter of liquid.In both cases, the question of how to revive the roses, will be removed for at least a week.That's just the water should be changed daily, updating the chemicals used.

important and the ambient temperature.If the room is too hot, no chlorine will not help.The ideal temperature - 16-18 degrees.For this reason, in the spring or autumn night vase can be taken on the balcony or unheated loggia.

How to revive wilted rose?

Many of the matter is already starting to wonder after all the buds drooping, and it seems that the bouquet was gone.But there is a way out of this situation.Firstly, the need to cut roses.Second, the spikes are removed.And thirdly, placed in a container with cool water so that they go completely climbed.This can be a basin or tub.After lying there for a few hours, they certainly posvezheyut and raise the head.And then they must be put into the water with chlorine or sugar.

Even if the bouquet does not look very fresh, there are ways on how to revive the roses and bring them into the proper form.So, seeing the drooping buds, do not prematurely frustrated and throw them out.Most likely, the flowers can still be saved.