How to choose a swing for the garden?

probably will not find such people who would not like to relax outdoors in the shade of your favorite tree and drinking tea in a pleasant company, admiring the magnificent scenery of the garden and contemplate the beauty of the flower beds and neatly manicured bushes.It seems that everything is perfect, but something was missing.Which element will complement the decor of your garden and give it a finished look?

If you want to add to your garden elegant and refined element of the decor, the garden swing "Capri" will be the ideal option.They allow you to relax in the fresh air, enjoying the peace and quiet in the shade of trees.


Swing "Capri" have a high comfort, are equipped with soft seats and pillows under his head.Designers have developed them in classic Italian style.Garden swings "Capri" began to conquer the market garden items in 2011.The frame of the structure made of metal, making them reliable, safe and durable.Shield of waterproof fabric protects not only from the sun but also from the rain.The seat is so comfortable that "Capri" can be used as a couch for sleeping outdoors.

Garden swings "Capri" equipped with armrests and tables in the form of supports for you to drink a glass of refreshing drink on a hot day.The backrest is made in such a way that you can easily put it in the position that is most convenient for you.You can fix the swing in one direction, and you can sit and be shaken, remembering the carefree childhood.By the way, your kids can also have fun swinging on a swing, and you can rest easy - garden swing "Capri" durable and reliable.They can rely on.

swings Garden "Capri" is designed for 3-4 adults, bear the weight up to 350 kg.So you can easily rest on their entire family.Set design can be on any surface, even on the sand without fear that it will turn over.These compact garden swing that allows them to move around the site.

Tapestry high-strength fabric can withstand the load, easy to clean and dries quickly.Hollofayber (internal filling of pillows and seat), non-allergenic and resistant to moisture.Therefore, problems with the departure of the swing will not do.In addition, the back and seat tightly interconnected, so there is no gap, which could pass wind.Your back is protected from drafts.On sale are "Capri" green and burgundy colors.Mosquito Net, which is sewn into the tent, too green or pink flowers.

kit "Capri" includes:

  • 3 pillows under his head;

  • 2 side airbags;

  • tent and mosquito nets;

  • mattress for the seat and backrest;

  • 2 cupholders.

Now size:

  • diameter steel tube frame 63,5 mm;

  • thick cushions of 10 cm;

  • seat 180 * 53 cm;

  • size swing assembled 220 * 150 * 170 cm;

  • weight - 65-80 kg;

  • back tilts up to 180 degrees.

In the Russian market, "Capri" are very popular and are a market leader.By purchasing these swings, you never for a moment doubt the right choice, because after the hard work is so nice to experience the atmosphere of serenity and peace, swaying on a swing and sipping tea.