How are modern kitchen interior

Deciding to begin the repair, many are faced with a difficult choice.After all, you must first decide what style will be decorated apartment, including the kitchen.Modern kitchen interior allow to realize any dreams almost every home.Regardless of the size of the room, its configuration, or the number of family members you can always create a comfortable, functional and beautiful space.

Modern kitchen interior

in recent times in small apartments predominant tendency to turn the kitchen and adjacent rooms in the kitchen-dining room.As a result of this restructuring substantially win as the work area, which has been completely transformed into a kitchen and bathroom, as modified for the reception.Modern kitchen interior designed on a small area, and the full kitchen-dining room.Therefore, combining two rooms, you can pick up the furniture so that the logical link them together.The undoubted advantage of the hosts will be present and involved them in animated conversation while waiting for dinner.Indeed, in this case, the hostess is next to the guest or the rest of the family!The small kitchen is transformed from a tiny room in quite a comfortable work area.Having missed the countertop near the window, you get an extra work surface.

Many companies offer modular kitchens, which can be purchased in installments.This situation allows you to place cabinets on the entire surface of the walls and significantly expand the number of places for storage.No need to leave space for a dining table.After all, this is the table in the dining room.

What color to choose?

Kitchen interior in modern style allows you to completely design in any color.It should be noted that for a large room, you can use dark shades of furniture, but for small-sized kitchen designers recommend the use of lighter shades.It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that white kitchen looks elegant and luxuriously only in the event that it is found in a perfect cleanliness.Otherwise, even the expensive furniture does not change the first negative impression.

Modern kitchen interior suggest the presence of one or two colors in the design.You can combine lighter and darker facades or choose countertop and wall panels or tiles, for a couple of colors other than the basic color solutions.Fans of contrast will be enjoyed by the ability to combine unexpected colors and shapes.It does not necessarily have to be rectangular table!


addition of new furniture of great importance also play a curtain, a variety of decorative items ... How to choose wallpaper, color and shape of curtains?What vases and figurines to fit a new kitchen, and whether they are necessary at all?These questions are difficult to answer unequivocally.However, some designers believe that if you created a modern kitchen interior photo, which you can proudly show your friends, everyone likes, so the idea was a success.