Depression after parting

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There is no person who would have experienced in my life parting with family and friends.Most often, such situations have serious consequences in the form of depression.This is especially observed the lovers and married couples.So, depression after the divorce has a negative impact on the future life of the spouses.Various memories of tender meetings, romantic relationships, etc.inhibit positive emotions, which, in principle, defined as depression.

main symptoms of depression:

- feelings such as joy and pleasure, grow in the oppressed condition;

- loss of interest in the outside world;

- impaired memory and ability to concentrate;

- reluctance to take decisions;

- unfounded fear and anxiety;

- constant feeling of fatigue;

- insomnia;

- vegetative symptoms as sweating, dry mouth, etc.

With the advent of so-called "love catastrophe", a person loses one of its essential needs of life.Namely, the need to be loved.It leads to a feeling of stress and causes negative emotions.From a psychological point of view, our brain comes to a standstill, as it were, and as he frantically searches for answers to the question "why", a person, a period of confusion.Depression after breaking up with a loved one is accompanied by a digging and finding their own shortcomings as a cause of separation and loneliness.It should be noted that for someone who is going through this difficult period in my life, everything is very painful, so these people need special care and assistance.

relieves depression gradually

A very important step is the acceptance of reality.Denial of separation, as well as attempts to escape from himself, only increase depression.The first thing you need to do the suffering person - is to get rid of dependence love.This dependence is psychological, so it requires special and sometimes professional approach.Psychologists have compared the separation from breaking.As in the case of drugs, the greater awareness of weaning desired, the stronger attachment is increased and a need.In our case, there is strengthening of moral and energetic connection with the man who no longer belongs to us.

include recommendations on how to get rid of depression, it is advised to fill the spiritual emptiness.So, someone delves into the job, and someone in the religion.Some try to forget by the bad habits, and for someone replaced the reality of the world of fantasy.We can not say that depression after a breakup takes place at a time, but you can find the right approach to the problem.Do not forget that the best cure time, especially if you feel the support of loved ones.Not bad helps both physical and social burden.Sports or yoga, as well as helping others will have only a positive effect on the psychological state of a person suffering from depression.