How to Quit Smoking - Nicotine withdrawal

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Of course, everyone knows that smoking is harmful.This write and talk a lot, publishes books and seminars explaining the harm of cigarette smoke.But heavy smokers still often impossible to give up this bad habit.Here, most likely, the important role played by nicotine withdrawal.Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows what is at stake.Depressed mood, depression, nervousness, accompanied by a man without a cigarette and forced to take it up again.

Yes, withdrawal syndrome - this is quite a tough test on the road to quitting smoking and not everyone is able to walk through.Many habit to hold hands and mouth cigarette leads to the fact that quit smoking, he begins to chew.While often and a lot.A related idle opinion that is to give up cigarettes, and be sure to rack up in weight.Especially afraid of this woman.They are willing to ruin their health and the lives of others in the fight against excess weight.

There are, of course, strong-willed people who are not afraid of withdrawal symptoms of smoking and they decide to give up the habit for good.What happens to them at this point?It appears the state of irritability, anger, restlessness and increased appetite.There is nothing to take the hand, the desire to have a cup of coffee automatically recalls the cigarette with which the coffee is much tastier and more familiar.Increased blood pressure, a headache ... and a desire to smoke a cigarette.At least one!

This withdrawal and it must be fought, so if you've decided to quit smoking.First, we must remember what harm your body brings a cigarette.Carbon monoxide leads to the deposition of cholesterol, increases the risk to make a myocardial infarction, inflammation of the bronchi, the deterioration of cerebral blood flow.Men are at risk of being not only without inheritance, but even without his masculine power.Women may well buy uterine cancer and osteoporosis, especially during menopause.

As for pregnancy - so it is absolutely not to be associated with smoking.Cigarette - the enemy of unborn children, and this will not benefit.Because smoking affects many processes in the body and leads to unpredictable tragic consequences.So do not be afraid that the withdrawal will knock you off track.Much more problems will be if smoking would be constantly accompanied by a lifetime.With good health, you can say goodbye for years to come.

In most cases, the syndrome depends on a purely individual to individual, and not everyone experiences such and a strong sense of discomfort.Many smokers endure one or two weeks without cigarettes, gradually enter into a taste of life without the toxic smoke and even begin to feel a sense of satisfaction.Obsessive desire to smoke ceases to chase away depression, clean air begins to please, the person gets rid of the cough.

Yet for a long time a person can sometimes feel a fleeting desire to smoke, especially in the field of view, it is someone with a cigarette in his mouth.But, properly configured, this little thought quickly distilled.It helps in case of quitting drinking one or two cups of coffee a day, which is also able to narrow the blood vessels and stimulate the heart.We should avoid alcohol, which causes the desire to smoke, as well as oily and spicy food stimulates the appetite.

While quitting is to do physical exercise - a gym and a swimming pool will have a great help in this.The desire to smoke is well removes chewing dried fruits also should be included in the diet of dairy products.If the desire to win again to take a cigarette completely fails, you need to see a specialist.Soviets or some medication it will help to overcome this addiction forever.