Developers Ekaterinburg: housing, "demolition" or fair game?

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Regardless of the situation in the financial market of the country or the world, man has always sought to acquire housing.The desire to find a "roof over your head," gave rise to the creation of a vast variety of companies offering services for the construction of housing, which dreams of people.Cost per square meter is growing steadily, so often we pay attention not to have dreams, and the fact that the desire to conform as closely as possible opportunities.The market volume of individual housing is growing in every city.Developers Yekaterinburg, Perm, Saratov, for example, offer interested parties available as a ready-made housing, and to consider the draft of the future buildings.According to this technology runs most of the companies around the world.

Times and Mores

developers of Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities are experiencing difficult times.New laws in the area of ​​land acquisition are confusing and even large "adult" companies.Thus, in Yekaterinburg, a few months ago on the delineation of land in the city were engaged in municipal government, it has since May this paragraph regulates the Ministry of Urban Development for State Property Management.It is because of the intervention of external forces spent years in the process of erection of new housing, the developers of Yekaterinburg spontaneously refuse to be active at the auctions.

scandal IZHS Yekaterinburg

In 2012, many companies in this city have been involved in the scandal.The project for individual housing construction (individual housing) was on the table in the prosecutor's office.The thing is that the developers of Yekaterinburg, renting the house ready, does not bind itself to verify the implementation of safety regulations.As a consequence - a few high-rise buildings demolished.Some declared uninhabitable.All construction companies are divided into two camps.Some are endeavoring to legalize their "creations".Other using plummeting prices, buy and seize hectares for the construction of housing, which again will be demolished.It should be noted that the construction of the house did not pass and half the registration steps, so the city administration recognize them illegal.

Available apartments "demolition"

However, many apartments for sale in Yekaterinburg continue to appear in the light of steadily increasing pace.With the same speed in the prosecutor's office received allegations of unauthorized seizure of land.Representatives of some of the companies agree that most of the buildings was built negligent speculators who have sought to save on materials, labor and clearance procedures.However, there is interest, and those developers building which meet all requirements.However, finding buildings in the area of ​​individual housing equates to violators.In this issue there is how the administration of wine, and construction organizations.

Moreover, the scandal continues to gain momentum.Some daring companies make public projects such as "Available buildings Ekaterinburg from developer N».However, they paid little attention to the fact that in such apartments, pre-programmed for demolition, it is unlikely anyone will live happily ever after.