"Auchan": the history of creation of the company.

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Myule Family is one of the richest in France and Europe.Worldwide, they are known as the founders of the hypermarket "Auchan", the story of creation which stretches since 1961.

However, none of the members of this family are not included in the list of billionaires.The main reason - the uniform distribution of the shares in all companies between them.Thus, in spite of the annual income of "Auchan" at 36 billion euros, no Myule who could boast of fabulous wealth.

Family History Myule

This family has its own history from ancient times.At the beginning of the 20th century they were known in France as successful industrialists.They had a factory for the production of yarn.But the history of the store "Auchan" associated with a particular representative of this family - Gerard Myule (junior).He was born in 1931 in the city of Roubaix.Since he was the first-born, then, in the family tradition, he was given the name of the father (Gerard).

family business is in constant development.However, after World War II Gerard Sr. began to understand that in addition to the production of necessary financial resources to invest in other sectors.At that time, began its development of retail trade.The industry was much easier and more profitable than the production.The first investment of family Myule in store opening was a disaster.

Features of the organization of the family business

Thanks to the strong zeal Gerard Jr. to work in the family Myule was decided to expand their business.At that time, Gerard became quite successfully move up the career ladder.In 1958 he became director of sales already.At that time, the family had an agreement under which each family member received an equal share of absolutely all companies that belonged Myule.

Another important feature is the fact that the family has never taken any partners from the side.It was a kind of tradition Myule.

BACKGROUND opening of the first store "Auchan»

history of the first store of the retail chain originates later.At that time the production was the main business of the family Myule.Despite the fact that the first attempts to open retail stores were unsuccessful, Gerard Sr. decided to try again.And this time the case has entrusted his son.

Thus in 1960 began the history of the store "Auchan".During this period Myule Sr. went to Dayton to attend the seminar, which was organized by a company engaged in the search for buyers is among French retailers for the introduction of the special cash machines (prototypes cash register).Seminar led B. Truriyo known as a fierce supporter of self-service stores.He called not only to reduce staff costs, serving customers in the hall, but also to reduce prices within the economy.Hypermarket "Auchan" among the first "organized" adjacent parking lot, through which customers can come by car for shopping.

opening of the first store

inspired by new ideas, Gerard Sr. sent his son to the seminar, which immediately became an ardent supporter of a new form of trading activity.Thus was opened the first store "Auchan", the story of creation is described in this review.

Already in that period Myule realized that it was for the supermarket of the future.He decided to try to open a hypermarket "Auchan" in France, which later became a symbol of business in France, so the family Myule even more rich.

Birth network "Auchan»

History took the start in July 1961, when the first store was opened.For family tratsidiyam Myule all members received the same share of the store.However, in this case, there were some nuances: Gerard Jr. started the business with a partner.This was due to the distrust with which the family reacted to this idea.Accordingly, the financial resources allocated to this branch of the business was not enough.

Therefore, the story of "Auchan" is connected with the name of the industrialist Michel Segara, investing in a trading network about 600 thousand. Francs (50% stake).And it was at odds with the principles of family Myule.

first setbacks in trade

Due to the lack of experience in the retail sector by young entrepreneurs has been made a large number of errors, which, of course, led to some adverse effects.This was first evident in the first year of work in a loss of about 200 thousand. Francs.At that time, the hypermarket "Auchan" has never been so great as it is now.Therefore, the amount of damages was a colossal sum for him.

During this period, the family began to think Myule have to close shop "Auchan".The history of the company could not have taken place if not for the wisdom of the head of the family.The development of this business, he gave his son three years.

However, Gerard Sr. was made only one condition - out of the partnership Segara.It is already known that the family did not recognize Myule partnerships outside.

heyday store chain "Auchan»

These three years for Gerard Jr. were not in vain.He's a pretty good start to learn from experienced sellers who told him how to lay out the goods, as well as on the rules of application of discounts on products.These councils have a high value for the budding entrepreneur.

important for gaining experience in the retail trade were meeting with Marcel Fournier (owner of the chain Carrefour), which he proved that sell hundreds of boxes of chocolates with a small mark-up is much more profitable than ten boxes, but with a high margin.

success stores "Auchan" and today is associated with low cost of goods sold.First a huge hypermarket with a total area of ​​12 thousand sq. M.meters with the same name was opened in 1967 in Ronco.

Merchandising - an important component of retail stores

With the development of the network of stores grew rapidly and merchandising.Trading platforms are actively taking into account all the innovations in the trade.

In 1977, there were innovations such as the awarding of the shares of the company's employees.Thus, in the end it turned out to be in the hands of employees 17% stake in the store "Auchan".

Since 1981 begins active expansion of chain stores around the world.In all there are more than 1,100 supermarkets in 12 countries with 186 employees and thousands of relevant turnover (at least 37 billion euros).

first hypermarket in Russia was opened in 2002 in Mytishchi near Moscow.Today in our country openly about 4 supermarkets and 15 hypermarkets.

But family traditions persist, but family members also Myule all have equal shares in each company.

name "Auchan" received from the French name of the area where he was born Gerard Myule Jr.French pronounce "On Sham."The same name was wearing and the first supermarket opened in Russia.However, taking into account the peculiarities of Russian linguistics, the company was re-registered as "Auchan".

In 2006, the founder of the chain stores have moved away from the guide.However, it is continuing to 83, to participate actively in the affairs of the company.

Thus, the example of a network of shops "Auchan" you can see that only patience and determination to help the novice businessman actively develop their business.Also consider this important point, as the study of the experience of other similar businesses, not to repeat their mistakes.