What type of loan you choose?

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lending in Russia, and not only, it can be divided into two areas: retail and corporate lending.

Retail lending represented the following products:

  • Consumer lending.This type of loan is characterized by granting funds to individuals, wage earners, for consumer purposes (purchase of household appliances and other equipment, cash, credit cards, etc.).
  • Car loans to individuals.This type of loan involves the issuance of funds to individuals for the purchase of vehicles.Basically there is a restriction in banks - the inability to purchase special equipment in such a way.
  • Mortgage.The acquisition of residential or non-residential real estate loans.It is characterized by significantly lower rates compared with other products, as well as long term lending (around 10-25 years).

Types of loans for legal entities of the Russian Federation

Unlike retail credit product line for businesses is much wider.Basically you can distinguish the following types of loans to legal entities:

  • Lending to purchase real estate.This type of loan allows entities to buy non-residential and residential real estate.Unlike mortgages for individuals is much lower lending terms (5-10 years).
  • loan for the purchase of vehicles.Legal persons and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to acquire both cars and trucks, special vehicles.
  • credit for the purchase of equipment - the most popular among organizations.Technology does not stand still, so the appearance of new solutions in the field of production makes it possible to work more effectively and efficiently.Purchase of such equipment is not available for cash all.The rescue comes the opportunity to buy it on credit.The main condition for lending for the purchase of equipment is the borrower's own contribution.Sometimes he can be from 20 to 50 percent of the loan amount.The term of such loans shall not exceed five years.
  • loan for working capital.This is a short-term type of loan.The purpose of this product - replenishment of working capital (purchase of goods, raw materials, supplies, etc.).
  • overdraft - a short-term loan.A kind of unsecured loan for legal entities and entrepreneurs.The term of the loan is one month.Mandatory requirement - a zero overdraft every month and revising the limit.Basically, banks set a limit depending on the amount of turnover on the current account.In other words, overdraft - it is an opportunity to go into the minus on the current account for a certain amount.
  • Factoring as the type of loan offered by bankers began recently.The role of factoring is to ensure that the enterprise funds, if the company will send the goods and pay for it yet.Enterprise-seller on the basis of contracts concluded with the buyer goes to the bank with an application for factoring.The Bank considers the situation and proposes to make a concession to pay for the goods from the seller to the bank.The Bank shall pay the seller a certain cost of goods sold, and the buyer, in turn, is calculated not with the seller, and the bank.After the final settlement with the buyer returns the seller Bank remainder of the money received for the goods.For this type of lending to the seller pays the bank a certain commission.