Protective suit against ticks

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With the onset of spring-summer season, many plan hiking in the woods.After a polluted city is very nice to enjoy the fresh air, take a walk among the trees, fry barbecue on the meadow.But we in the forest lurks many dangers.One of them - mites.

Their activity occurs from May to July.But in any other month you can find a warm this insidious insect.Therefore, going camping, it is necessary to prepare and buy a suit against ticks.

How to protect yourself from pesky insects?

There are several ways to protect against ticks:

  1. Chemicals (repellents that are not destroyed, but only repel insects, acaricide - kill the mites, mixed - paralyzing and lead to their death).

  2. protective suit against ticks.They are the most popular and effective.Their cost ranges from 4000-6000 rubles.

Many consider such expenses unjustified and prefer to wear in the woods a regular tracksuit, while tucking trousers into socks, sleeves - in gloves, jacket buttoned at the throat, the head draping a scarf or cap to mite did not have access to the body.But still it does not give 100% guarantees.

suit against ticks is a special trap, also made of natural fabrics, so it can be safely wear even in hot weather.Thus no additional processing chemicals is required.

What is

suit costume from mosquitoes and ticks are not only convenient, but also provides you with full security by insects.He is sewn of genuine durable fabric, with a water-repellent impregnation, which does not get wet in the rain.

Standard suit consists of a jacket and trousers.Size chart designed to meet the parameters of men, women and pre-school children, adolescents, seniors.By the jacket attached hood, which protects the head area from the bites.But in order to fully protect yourself, it is better to purchase an additional nagolovnym mosquito net.Its price is an average of 300 rubles.Due to the small weaving yarns mosquito will not give you trouble in the form of a bite.In addition, small midges, mites, other insects will not bother you.

Professionals advise

To protect yourself from encephalitis have to completely eliminate the tick bite.Many experts have tried to design clothes that would be not only reliable, but also easy.This was done by Russian scientists, they have created a suit against ticks "Biostop."The tests continued for three years in the forest, in the period of activation of insects.The result exceeded all expectations, the suit has provided protection to 100%.

specialists have combined mechanical and chemical ways of dealing with this type of insect.It was taken into account especially mites have proved that they are not able to travel long distances and waiting for its prey sitting on a bush or grass stalks.Once on the clothes, they tend to creep up to find the exposed parts of the body.And gets in special traps, which are located along the perimeter of clothing.For reliability areas of tissue impregnated with a chemical agent that is completely safe for humans, and is deadly threat to tick.

Scientists have created a unique system by which acaricide retains its effectiveness after 50 washes.

What developed traps?

suit against ticks have special traps, which are located all over the dress.Total 9. They consist of a braid, which is impregnated with a chemical agent.Getting on a mite dies for 2 minutes.This ensures that you do not bring live insects to his apartment.

Such traps are located on the breast pocket, neck, around and along the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket, pants, chest and back.Braid has two layers: the crafted and protective.Getting to it, the tick immediately receives a "shock" dose of the chemical.By continuing to creep up, and in contact with the treated tape, insect becomes paralyzed.After that dies and falls away from the clothes.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the duration of soaking up to 3 years.

how to dress the baby for a walk in the woods?

for children in the forest need special protection against insects.Because of their age, they do not follow the state of his clothes: Do not ridden leg or sleeve jacket.Children's costume from ticks will help you not to worry, that insects cause trouble to the child.It was developed with the growth of babies.There are costumes for children up to 7, 15, 18 years.

Children are more prone to attack of mites than adults.This is due to their low growth and the fact that the mites attack from a height of not more than half a meter.Therefore traps on clothes arranged a little differently.Another difference - bright mark on the sleeves, pants, hood, to the child was clearly visible against the background of green grass and trees.Such signal markers for girls are made in red, for boys - yellow.

not only protect, but also comfort

Going into the woods, I want to feel comfortable.It is important that the clothes do not be uncomfortable, do not hold down movement and so on. D. The suit against ticks is suitable for any weather, even in the hottest or rainy day.It's body "breathe", it is a natural air circulation due to natural fabrics.

costume is perfect for outdoor activities, everyone will be able to choose the right size, based on the parameters of your body.At the same time he has a modern design and cut, which is likely to appeal to avid fashionistas, because military style always at the peak of popularity.

planning a hike in the woods, remember suit - protection against ticks, which gives a 100% guarantee against this insidious insect bite.Do not risk your health, because, as they say, forewarned - is forearmed.