Nik Wallenda again at altitude

famous tightrope walker found his eighth world record live on Discovery Channel

June 24 in Los Angeles.The famous tightrope walker Nik Wallenda live Discovery Channel has set an unprecedented world record.He became the first man in history who has passed through the Grand Canyon on the stretched rope.From the earth's surface it is separated by 457 meters - more than the height of the Empire State Building.Cable length - 427 meters - was also a record for Nick.Going over the abyss acrobat performed in front of 223 spectators countries, who watched the live broadcast of the program Discovery Channel «Nik Wallenda man over the Grand Canyon."

Delivered record was for Nick Wallenda dream come true throughout his life.He dedicated the trick to his legendary grandfather Karl Wallenda, who died after falling from a rope in 1978 in Puerto Rico.The transition to a dizzy height occurred without any insurance - according to Nick, any safety cable creates a false sense of security and dulls attention.It becomes an obstacle in the improvement of acrobatic skill that is honed Wallenda family for seven generations.

«The first time I saw the Grand Canyon as a child and since then he wanted to win, - said Nick Wallenda.- I want to say thank you to the Navajo Indian, who allowed me to perform this number belonging to them, and, of course, I am grateful to Discovery Channel for their trust, by which I kept viewers around the world. »

prohibitive trip over the Grand Canyon - the eightha world record on the account Nika Wallenda.His previous achievements was the shift from the US to Canada over the Niagara Falls.Already, immediately after the conquest of new heights, Nick plans to the ninth record - he wants to cross the rope stretched on the distance between the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building."The trick Nick Wallenda can be called historical, - said Eileen O'Neill, Group President Discovery Channel and TLC, - His example inspires Nick millions of people, showing that dreams come true if this endeavor.This is fully consistent with the spirit of the Discovery Channel, and we are very proud that we had the opportunity to show feat Nick audiences all over the world. "