The most beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly - one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.His splendor unless they can compete with flowers.They are always surrounded by an aura of some mystery.It now seems surprising - unpleasant to look at how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful and graceful creature.With butterflies associated with many legends and traditions.For example, a beautiful custom to give his beloved before the wedding butterfly in China are using now.In Japan, they were released into the wild during a wedding celebration.

In the world there are an amazing variety of butterflies: small, huge, invisible or attracts attention with its bright color.The most beautiful butterflies of the world, with the names and pictures will be presented to your attention in our review.We will try to make a list of the best representatives of the order Lepidoptera.

Selection criteria

determine the name of the most beautiful butterflies in the world is almost impossible - it must exist a dozen worthy opponents.On what parameters should be selected the most attractive and spectacular of them?First of all, in appearance.The most beautiful butterfly in the world can be nondescript.From a glance at it should catch your breath.Size matters, too.The most vivid butterfly, if it does pipsqueak, difficult to see and appreciate its beauty.

Urania Madagascar

most beautiful butterfly, which occupies first place in the ranking, native to Madagascar, which is reflected in its title.She lives only there, in other places is not found.The wingspan is 7-11 centimeters.They are covered with iridescent pattern of yellow, green, red and blue tones.Background wings - black, and it is the richness of the colors look especially brilliant.At the rear wings have growths - "tails."Taurus butterfly covered with long hairs of orange.An interesting feature - it prefers to feed on the flowers of white or yellowish-white color.

Saturnia Madagascar

Another representative of Madagascar.The most beautiful butterfly is nocturnal and has an unusual color - from lemon yellow to orange.The wings are decorated with large "eyes".They have something like the pupil and the distance is very much like real eyes.The peculiarity of this butterfly - the presence on the lower wing cilia-tails, the males reaching 14 centimeters.Hence its other name - butterfly comet.

Bhutan Glory

This is the most beautiful butterfly belongs to the family of sailing ships, almost all species of which differ particularly attractive.Sailboat Maak, swallowtail, ptitsekrylka Queen Alexandra and many others have long recognized as one of the most beautiful butterflies.

Thank Bhutan is interesting because it lives in the mountains.On a dark background wing catches the eye a bright spot at the bottom.Butterfly has a number of "tails" on the bottom of the wings.It lives on treetops and reluctantly down to the ground.It has an interesting feature, is not typical for the rest of the butterflies - more active in rainy weather.

Attacus Atlas

This is the most beautiful butterfly at the same time is one of the largest representatives of lepidoptera in the world.The scope of its wings can reach 24 centimeters.

Despite its soft color, Attacus Atlas attracts unusual color pattern and shape of the wings.They resemble curved snake head.

Unusual butterfly and the fact that in the adult stage does not feed.She had enough of those nutrients that have been accumulated caterpillar.Therefore, the age of these creatures is not long - about 10 days they die, giving the new offspring.

Attacus Atlas is not only one of the most beautiful but also beneficial insects.In India, butterfly caterpillars used to produce highly durable silk.In some tropical countries huge pods used as purses.

unusual look and caterpillars of the giant butterflies.They reach a length of 10 centimeters, painted in light green tones and are equipped with light-colored spikes.

What is the most beautiful butterfly in the world?To determine who is worthy of flattering titles, it is quite difficult.That seems a beautiful one, may not cause any excitement in the other lover of butterflies.You can only make a list of the most interesting representatives of the order Lepidoptera, and the most beautiful of them each choose himself.