Red ants: how to defeat the pests?

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If the house or apartment was spotted red ant, do not immediately panic.It is possible that he accidentally fell into the room where you live.But if he brought with him several of his comrades, then you need to start a battle with them, otherwise such guests can bring a lot of harm.

Possible problems

usually red (or red) ants live in large colonies.And if the house was seen only a few pieces, then gradually their number will grow.The colony consists of females and worker ants.The uterus is never leaves the nest, since its main task is to produce in the light of the new offspring.One colony can consist of several million individuals.Because they multiply at an incredible rate.As a result, new colonies of pests can quickly settle the whole apartment.Why start a fight with them should be in the initial stages of growth of their family.In addition, they can not only live in one apartment, and neighbors.After insects have a small size, thereby they can easily penetrate into adjacent apartments through slots, holes, cracks.On their legs they carry not only dirt but also a variety of bacteria that can cause certain diseases.

What if there were ants?

Probably one of the most harmful and dangerous insects - red ants.How to get rid of them, they do not know everything.The main thing to do in the event of their occurrence - find a nest in which hides the uterus.It should be completely destroyed, or the queen will give birth to a huge amount of ants rapidly.But this is that if the entire insect colony was formed.It should be understood that the period of ants is 40 days, so during this time should have time to take all the required measures.Even if it is in your apartment is not pests, but they have already appeared at the neighbors, we must be prepared to fight with them.In an attempt to kill the intruders used insecticides useless, by which get rid of fleas and cockroaches.Even if you die working individuals, the uterus will remain alive and continue the process of insect.

How to beat pests?

If it was decided to deal with the ants alone, ie without the help of special services, it is necessary to unite with the other tenants of the house.Otherwise, the insects will emerge again and again, no matter what measures have been taken.As noted above, the red ants are characterized by high fertility, therefore, most likely, they already live in other apartments.This is especially true high-rise buildings.Together, you can easily find the ant nest.Especially since there may be several in a house.


So, how to get rid of red ants?Yes, easily, if you know the right ways to deal with them.There are plenty of options that vary in speed, cost, efficiency.Consider a few ways to get rid of pests:

  • Call a special team.This option guarantees 100% success rate.Although its performance would require large expenditures.
  • Purchase aerosols killing insects.Of course, it will be cheaper, but may have to look for places where red ants congregate.
  • Pencils of ants.Typically, such agents are not highly effective.Insect scares painted chalk stripe, but its action takes place in a few days.And then you can watch the next influx of pests.
  • traps.They can be purchased in specialty stores.
  • Folk remedies.These options require little or no cost, and some of them are quite effective.For example, one can take a flat plate and put it in a spoonful of jam in the middle.When should fill it with sunflower oil.Ants attracted to the smell of sweet, so they will try to get tasty.A large part of them will sink in the oil.

Dry bait for fighting

Red ants in the apartment - it is a problem faced by many.Some discourages their appearance, others are afraid of bites.Anyway, these insects are very harmful.After all, with the bites they spread a variety of diseases that are often fatal.

If there is no money to buy expensive insecticides, they can do with their hands.It is best to prepare a dry mixture that ants would haul in their nests.Thus, it will be affected most of the insects.To make yourself a poison, will have to buy boric acid and sugar.Mix them must be equal amounts.After that you should sprinkle the mixture over the corners of the apartment.Red ants are killed after contact with the boric acid.It should take 2-3 days.The procedure can be repeated as long as the pests completely disappear.