Beauty-news February that will surprise you

When choosing cosmetics girl endeavor to give priority to the fact that it seems the most interesting and worthwhile.Because beauty-February news will interest modern fashionistas eager to always be in the spotlight.

The first thing I would like to tell you - this lipstick L'Absolu Velours by Lancome , worth 1550 rubles.It is convenient because it is applied as a gloss, but you get bright and saturated color that will please you for a long time.Despite the fact that it turns a shade matte lips appear dull, but on the contrary, become more expressive and attractive.

Also pay attention to Eutopie No.6 , aroma, which can not but rejoice.Although the cost of 8 thousand. Rubles could lead to some confusion.But should you just dip into his beautiful oriental trail, enjoy deep notes of patchouli, combined with musk and spices, you simply can not afford to refuse his purchase.After all, this is something that will make your look complete and so attractive to others.

If you're a fan of classic red lac

quer, while shade 844 from Essie , costing 500 rubles, will be able to interest you.Bright and saturated shade makes your nails more attractive, bringing in your image exactly the flavor that you've been unable to find.In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that it is quite dries quickly and for a long time did not obluschivaetsya that for women, who often have to travel.In fact, during a trip it is not always possible to do a manicure.

course, pay attention to the facilities for showering and hygiene.Among them stands out from the bright soap Spa à la Carte handmade.Its cost of 199 rubles, but it is their lemonade flavor and original design will amaze adults and children.In addition, it contained glycerin will make your skin soft and silky.

And, of course, can not do without their enchanting aroma shower gel Escentric 02 from Escentric Molecules, a company that is just starting to take its popularity in the Russian market.It costs 3160 rubles., But there is no doubt that this cost is justified.

So if you want to indulge in a new cosmetics, you will definitely be plenty to choose from, and with this you will not have any problems.

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