Who is the richest man on the planet?

However it was amazing, even the greatest wealth is unable to solve all human problems.Any poor or middle-class man in the street can only dream of the benefits that he could not afford, if included in the list of the richest people in the world.However, no one knows what the money is quite difficult to keep.This conversation can be carried out even that the wealth had been multiplied.All available means must be at least save.

lists of the wealthiest businessmen

rating was very different.Some of them reflect the popularity of show business.Others tell us about innovations in the field of cinema and so on. D. There is a rating of the richest people in the world.It should be borne in mind that their condition - is for the most part did not cash in bank accounts.His wealth of these people are kept in real estate, works of art, as well as investing in promising companies.In other words, it is in the objects that can always easily be sold or have significant value.
List, which includes the wealthiest businessmen, persistence is no different.Any of billionaires overnight may lose a decent amount of money, moved down the stairs rating.

The richest people of the world in 2013 its position in relation to the previous list have not changed.First on the list of billionaires of the world, however, as before, dominated by American businessmen.The second place was occupied by wealthy German.The Russians are on the third line.

Rating, compiled by well-known by Bloomberg, introduces us to the ten richest people of the planet.

Li Ka-shing

richest man on the planet, the tenth place ranking, is a billionaire from Hong Kong.Status Li Ka-shing is estimated at 29.4 billion dollars.He is a wealthy businessman Asia.It is the management company Cheung Kong.It is a large conglomerate, consisting of extensive trading network, ports, power companies, and mobile operators.

Bernard Arnault

Ninth step list, acquainting us with the richest people of the world, confidently takes billionaire from France.Status Bernard Arnault also evaluated in 29.4 billion.

most secured Frenchman owns holding LVMH, a part of which are brands such as Dom Perignon, Celine, Kenzo, Hennessy, Givenchy, Moet et Chandon, Christian Lacroix, Guerlain,Berluti and Loewe.

Larry Ellison

richest man on the planet who confidently climbed to eighth step of the rating - this is an American billionaire.Larry Ellison belongs to the state, which is estimated at 40.9 billion dollars.He is the creator and owner of the well-known, Oracle.It is the biggest company in the world dedicated databases.Allison is part of the company NetSuite, which is a developer of software for business.At the same time, he is co-owner of the company LeapFrog Enterprises.

in cash at Ellison is four billion dollars.The rest of the state lies in other assets, including real estate.

Shestidesyatidevyatiletny Larry Ellison does not want to think about leaving on a holiday.He is full of energy, ambition and determination to move forward.Recently, the billionaire donated five hundred million research institute dealing with geriatric diseases, and the aging of the human body.

Charles and David Kohi

These brothers billionaires finished seventh and sixth place in the list of the wealthiest businessmen on the planet in 2013. This American businessmen, the state of each of which is estimated at 42.9 billion dollars.

Charles and David owned by Koch Industries.Known Corporation conducts its business in various industries.The company produces oil refining, consumer products and cellulose.

Invar Kamprad

The richest man in the world, closes the top five rankings - a Swiss billionaire.His fortune in 2013 was estimated at 44.3 billion.This businessman runs through a number of foundations and trusts the company IKEA - the world's largest retailer of furniture.

Warren Buffett

In the fourth step of the rating, acquainting us with the wealthiest people on the planet in 2013, became CEO and Chairman of the company Berkshire Hathaway.The amount of his state is fifty and a half billion dollars.The subordination of the holding company is the well-known set of firms.These include the energy sector companies Lubrizol and MidAmerican, manufacturing Clayton Homes, working in the service NetJets, as well as a leading insurance activities Geico.In addition, Warren Buffett owns stakes in companies such as American Express, Coca-Cola and Procter & amp;Gamble.

Amancio Ortega

third place in the ranking belongs to the Spanish billionaire.His fortune is estimated at 58.1 billion. This is the most wealthy people in Europe, which owns 59% of the company Inditex, which produces clothing.In addition, Ortega has control over the retail chain Zara.Status billionaire concluded in office buildings, and other property, which is in many European and American cities.

Bill Gates on the second step of the rating, including the wealthiest businessmen of the planet, the chairman and co-founder of the famous company Microsoft.His fortune is estimated at sixty-three and a half billion dollars.

Bill Gates - the most wealthy people in the US.In addition to Microsoft, he owns shares of the company Redmond.

Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world in 2013 - a Mexican billionaire.It has a state, which is estimated at 77.2 billion dollars.Carlos Slim is the owner of the TV company American Movil, the banking business in the face of the financial firm Inbursa, as well as companies such as Caixabank et al.

The submission is a billionaire and the holding company Grupo Carso.Through her slim exercises control over most of the construction industry in Mexico.