What is the tax deduction

Not everyone knows that there is an opportunity to return the money that had been given to the state as taxes, or to pay part of them.Apply for this may be all working citizens.To do this, get a tax deduction.


Often a person gets only 87% of what he earns, and 13% paid by the employer as a tax (or personal income tax income).This part can be returned in some cases, legally.For example, when buying a property, the cost of treatment and training.

tax deduction can be:

- standard.

- Social.

- Property.

- Securities.

- professionally.

standard deduction is granted under certain conditions.For example, if a person's income is not more than a certain amount, he has children.

Social deductions allowed in the case when they were made the costs associated with training or treatment.

third type is available when the taxpayer had sold any property or property purchased.By the way, when people can return the mortgage interest on the loan.

Securities provide deduction if incurred losses on financial transactions with them.

on professional tax deduction can expect certain categories of people.This may be, for example, the authors of literary works.

How to calculate?

value of this amount leads to a reduction of the tax base, which is the amount of funds from which the withholding tax.It is possible to get from their state tax deduction is not all, and 13% of it.There is a limit.It says that there is no way to get more than the taxes were paid.For example, 13% of the amount of 1000 rubles - is 130 rubles.A person can get the money only if paid as taxes for the year.Yet there is a certain maximum for the deduction, established by law.When buying a home, for example, 2 million 100 thousand rubles, this amount may not exceed 13%, and it is 273 thousand. Rubles.Return allowed only taxes that were given at a specified rate.

If we look at the standard tax deduction on personal income tax, for example, in 2013, they are the same as those operated in 2012.

Some examples

Deduction 3 thousand rubles. For example, givethe following citizens:

- disabled war veterans.

- Participants trials involving radioactive elements and nuclear weapons.

- Servicemen injured in defending the country.

- participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl, will get different diseases.

tax deduction on children this year, also unchanged compared with the previous year.Get them are:

- The parents (or adoptive family).

- Guardians, adopters, trustees.

- Spouses parents.

have single parents it is possible to get a double deduction.Limit of income received by the employee at the moment, is 280 thousand rubles.

To get the deduction for children, give your employer the documents:

- Statement on the established pattern.

- Copies of birth certificates of their children.

- FAQ (a form of 2-PIT) for the year.

- Documents about the child's disability (if any).

- certificate from the school children.

If for some reason the deductions were not granted, then we can get them next year.Transfer all documents to the tax still need a declaration for the previous year (talking about a 3-PIT).

There are many different deductions, check all to understand what may qualify.