How do I find tax liabilities of individuals without problems

you waiting for the next holiday, gathered at the border or just "shine" yet another business trip?Then you definitely should check whether you have to pay taxes, fees, etc.You do not even guess, how do you know the tax debts of individuals and other delinquency?Today, we'll tell you about a few ways.

due to late payment you may not be allowed on the flight at the airport, and the money for the ticket can be used to pay off your debt.Remember that even for a fine of $ 100 you can not let the country.Your trip can be interrupted in the event that you have enforcement proceedings and sent to the Border Service of the decision that you are limited in movement.

There are several ways that will allow you to answer the question of how to find the tax debts of individuals.Surest - apply to the district department of the Federal Bailiff Service (by phone or in person).

Taxes payable can also be found in the department of traffic police.You come to the department of administrative practices in the recept

ion hours of citizens, explain the situation and get lost receipts, which will be able to pay the debt for penalties (if any, of course).

Thanks to an agreement between Sberbank and the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service has become possible to find out quickly about the debt and pay for it without recourse to the authorities.You just need to enter the terminal number and series of passport, and you can see information about the debt and pay it immediately.Payment will reach about 3-5 days.The fee for such payments will be 3% of the amount, but not less than 30 rubles and not more than 2000 rubles.To find out if yours listed debt, choose the menu "Payments".Then, find the item "Other charges" or "Budget and Tax", find the service you are interested in, ieTraffic police, FSSP.The screen displays the information required.Thanks to this innovation payers can always check, whether the taxes are paid, and arrears.

How do I know the tax debts of individuals, without leaving your home?Easily.For this you just need to visit the official website MIFNS site, enter the personal cabinet.There you will find information about all the taxes.To get to the personal account, you need to enter the TIN, name, numbers from the picture, as well as the region in which you need to check the availability of debt.If you have any debts, you will see the message "My tax arrears is" able to see a printed receipt for payment form and print it directly from the site.If the debt is not - congratulations!You are an exemplary citizen.

We have considered all the possibilities of how to find the tax debts of individuals.Now Planning a overseas, be sure to check out the debts.Make sure you do not hit the "black list".However, even if you have paid for all, just in case, better to take a certificate stating that you have no debts.Then you definitely go abroad.