Why tax optimization of the organization?

Most organizations main goal - to produce as many goods or services while using legal methods, but with minimal losses in the payment of taxes.For small and large organizations, an effective system of taxation is also important as, for example, marketing strategy, because in the elaborated system of taxation can be a significant cost savings organization that otherwise would have gone to the payments to the budget.Also a good tax system allows for the overall security of the enterprise itself and its employees.

Tax optimization company - a variety of techniques and features that will allow the company to choose the right solutions of certain nuances of firms.With proper optimization, as well as projections of risks that await firms may complete stability in the market: the minimum cost optimization is achieved two largest items of losses entrepreneurs.

ideally desirable to optimize the arrival of a tax audit, and if possible even before the establishment of the company, or at least the official regis

tration of the enterprise, because the tax system will be adjusted immediately to create entrepreneurship.Just at this point, optimizations can bring the most benefit: when there is no established system, which need to be corrected.Due to the fact that the tax legislation in the CIS countries is not only very difficult but also unstable, the company must take into account the law enforcement and judicial practice possible.

Tax optimization consists mainly of optimization at the primary level, the evaluation of potential risks, accompanied by experts of complex contracts for transactions of training professional organization of counter objections after testing enterprise tax authorities.More important to carefully check the actions of tax authorities in order to identify non-compliance, as well as competent litigation, if the situation is very unfavorable.

However, most businesses start at the stage of optimization of stable firms.In this case, the optimization will consist of checking taxes, checking contracts and documents, a possible division into several divisions.It is also necessary reorganization of the entire contractual framework and the creation of an autonomous system of internal control of the level of taxes.

Many entrepreneurs do not even know that their current system is not perfect and built optimally, thus bear considerable financial losses, as well as suffering negative consequences in their future activities.