Lullaby: Instructions for Use

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Contrary to the expected "soothing" effect of a lullaby, some kids do not go to sleep, and sometimes even try to sing along.Of particular disappointment comprehends mother when she, intending "to the people", the general plan of the family must pass a sleepy wee grandmother.Women gathered, make up, carefully takes baby lullabies dozen well-trained soprano, and then goes under the sonorous accompaniment of children crying.

lullaby Why not "work"?How to sing a lullaby?We share a few secrets uncomplicated.

Tip one: Create a daily routine baby.

If your child will fall asleep in the same time, the process of "deep sleep" will be less time-consuming, and sleep deeper and longer.

How to determine the optimal time for sleeping child?

mode, tend to create, based on the standards recommended by the indicative duration of sleep and wakefulness to children of certain ages.It should take into account the needs and individual characteristics of your baby (his anxiety, health status, type of nervous system).All this will affect its daily cycle.

Secret Two: Create a "ritual" in preparation for sleep.

Under the rituals we know traditionally performed by you and the child repeated every day actions.They are signals, "saying" the child that bedtime is approaching.Such "beacons" may be curtained windows, dim lights, included a night light, quiet gentle music.A little later - reading books, quiet talk with her mother.

Bathing is not necessary to practice before going to bed the child, as after taking a bath for a long time a child can go from calm to excited, sleepy state.

Secret Three: Avoid direct prescriptive.

Few of the kids love bedtime.Therefore, the offer moms "go to sleep", a child older than one year can respond to resistance.You can ask him to put to bed a favorite toy, a doll lull.Or just tell them you are tired and suggest "a lie."

Secret Four: Calm Mom.

known that the emotional state of the baby early age is closely related to the emotional state of his closest adult.The child unconsciously "infected" mom emotions.So if you want to calm the baby, try to calm yourself.And if you want to lull the baby ... That's right!Try to go do half asleep.

kid will be easier to go to sleep, if he sees that there is nothing unusual, vivid, meaningful right now in his life happens.The world becomes quiet and uninteresting.And my mom - the most important person for him - also falls asleep.Mom should be able to control himself, have the skills of self-control, to be able to switch from emotional, exciting, emotional, thrilling the more calm.

How to learn this?Forget for a moment about the problems and hardships of your life.Leave the hustle and bustle of the threshold child, promising himself that the problems come back later.Normalize breathing: let it be smooth, calm, like a dream.Pay attention to the voice.Well, if it is smooth, melodious, in a low, calm.Pauses between words, the words of a little pull.Take a comfortable position.Try as possible, relax the body.Your contact with the baby should be pleasant and monotonous monotone (calm stroking, rocking, gentle hugs).

Now it's time for the execution of lullaby.

Well, if you know a few lullabies (copyright or folk - it does not matter).If you have not learned about them, the texts of lullabies keep on hand, addressing them while singing.After a few repetitions, you remember these simple texts.Perhaps, very soon you are going to write their lullabies.This is not difficult, the words will come by themselves.

general, collections of folklore can find a variety of lullabies.There are songs praising wanted and loved baby, praising him, favors and his place in the house:

Oh, Skein-Skein-Lialechka!
The head of pretzels,
in the handle apples,
The legs gingerbread,
konfetochki On the sides,
Vinograd sprigs.

lot of lullabies, in which the child promises to offer a variety of gifts and treats:

bainki, bainki,
Buy Tanya boots ...
Buy Tanya boots
Run on the bench.

impressive group of lullabies, warning the child of the evil creatures.These treats his mother, trying to appease them or chases, thereby creating a sense of security in the child.

Bayu, bye, bye, bye,
not go, the old bogeyman.Do not go
old bogeyman,
Our light does not frighten.
Bayu, bye, bye, bye,
Go, Buka, a barn,
Go, Buka, a barn, hay Horses

Sometimes the child is given advice on what to do in order not to suffer:

Bayu, Baiushki, bye,
not lie on the edge,
come gray top,
he jumped at the flank.

Many lullabies her mother invites assistants (usually animals):

As our cat
heart to kindness.
Come, cat, sleep,
Kolybelechku download.
I tell you, a cat,
For work pay:
piece of cake and a jug of milk.

Any reference to an animal with a request not to disturb the baby during sleep:

Bayu, bye, bye, bye,
You sobachenka not barking.
And you, wolf, not Goody,
not wake my baby.
My detonka go to sleep,
calm down you take.

There is a special group of lullabies, giving the child a prescription for the transition to the sleepy state:

Bayu, bye, bye, bye,
Baby, close your eyes.
I'll shake,
You honor the.
Sleep baby to night,
You do nothing.

During sleep it is not necessary to strive for a wide variety of repertoire of lullabies, to the fact that the text had some special washed away.That is why it is believed that folk lullabies, the text of which is simple and straightforward, are more suitable for lulling your baby than the author.Particularly effective cradle in which there are numerous repetitions.

Bayu, Baiushki, bye,
lullaby singing,
Lullaby sing ...
Bayu, Baiushki, bye ...

Mothers often worry that they are not musical to sing beautifully child.Do not worry!In the performance of lullabies and the presence of hearing voices is not required.Much more important are the emotional state of the mother calm, relaxation techniques the knowledge and ability to use them confidently.

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