"Spam" - Advertising or Not?

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begin with, that I myself am a mail "spam" do not like.I always wondered - who needs to send unsolicited emails with annoying ads?Those who so persistently annoying millions of owners of the mailbox, what to expect spammers - do they have someone buy something?

But no wonder they say - do not judge yourself for other people.If the person you are throwing all the letters with advertising, if your colleague, so did his wife and Tesza, this does not mean that tutte.Especially if an advertising happens to be "in the subject."Well, let's say you're sitting at the computer and simultaneously to think what to buy for the house skiing ... or Chief puzzled to buy some new clothes drying cabinet for production.And here you on the e-mail falls offer "Superskidki on skis" or the same "ovens for nothing."Is this offer without hesitation you throw in the trash?Unlikely.Look even "diagonally."It is possible that this "spamnoe" proposal would be quite a sensible ...

Until recently I was engaged in advertising only in his city.Here, a set of tools for the promotion of standard and direct - newspapers, radio, local TV, "outdoor advertising" ... Well, more, perhaps, booklets, sponsorship, various one-off "non-standard".All tried, everything is clear.But then I needed to spend an advertising campaign throughout Russia.I do not need to know about our equipment every grandmother in a village Zyuzyukino, but would like to supply vessels of the industrial enterprises, laboratories and garages of our proposal would have known.What there is a way channels of information?You agree that in contrast to the local work in one city there is much less available channels.Federal press and especially television are not suitable because of the unaffordable cost of living, working and fractionally for each region separately - for a long time and eventually too expensive.

And then there was an idea to send commercial offers to all potential customers e-mail.

first put on the phone several managers.Specialist searched online profile sites, phone calls, find out the name and patronymic responsible for the equipment, recorded telephone e-mail to the expulsion of the offer.Disappointing - so manually could send up to 50 emails a day.A company-consumers in Russia - thousands.

And then had to think about process automation.Though I, once again, saw spam malonravstvennoy idea of ​​rational reasoning decided - we will not send to personal mailboxes.Although the Internet there is a bunch of sentences like "selling base of business in Moscow", we went to an honest way - take e-mail from open sources - thematic sites.It is logical to assume that if the auto repair publishes on the Internet the address type [email protected] - he is ready to consider all proposals that come to this address.In any "private sphere" with their promotional offers, we do not fit.

So technology.First collect the base's e-mail.To do this, there are a lot of programs I have used Beijing Express Email Address Extractor.The program can "incite" to any site reference of the "Directory of industrial enterprises of Russia" in any sub-theme (for example, "chemical laboratory").The program will gather in a text file all combinations, similar to the e-mail address (apparently containing "dog").C major directory type Equiptorg can "rip" about the hundreds of thousands of current contacts.For the organization of the distribution component of the engine used Joomla, which made some of our sites, a component called Acy Mailing.To the site was not blocked by the hoster, set in the settings of the number of sent letters - 8 pieces for 30 seconds.

Thus, we were able to send approximately 6000 commercial offers daily.Of course, the efficiency of such distribution is extremely small - the recipients to open and read letters only 2% (although, if the base and thematic quality, it reached 10%).In order to know the percentage, just go to the Statistics Acy Mailing.

It would seem - the efficiency is low, but the numbers are large.From the 6,000 letters sent out (the organization sending the expert work requires half a day) tear about 120. And then - classical statistics.Of those who discovered - 10% went to the site, one of those who went - 10% have made an order.Total we have the order with 1-2 daily mailing.A little, but not enough, given the zero advertising costs.

way, in a sales letter we will make reference "do not want to receive such offers."Unsubscribe always been 1-2 every day (from repeat 6000).

Conclusion - spam spam strife.If you take the address from public sources, carefully arrange the offer, making a thematic newsletter (that is, companies that are at least theoretically, are your customers), such a mass mailing has the right to life.Wait for the great economic benefit from it is not necessary, but to use as a tool to replenish the customer base - the most it.

main thing - at the end of the letter is always given the opportunity to refuse.