Mail Merge - Sellers.

doing business, are often faced with the problem of attracting customers.There is a simple arithmetic.There are clients - there is profit.No customers - no profit.

Some managers are investing a lot of money in advertising.They are well done and certainly have their share of responses.

And there are leaders who use reasonable progress.

They invest quite a bit of money and thus attract far more customers.Which treats you?

So what is the secret of reasonable promotion?

Well, first, do not spray on all advertising in a row.A cover only those who really can become your client.

In this case, you not only avoid unnecessary expenditure, but get much more response than your competitors.

But let's move on to concrete examples.

What types of advertising make it possible to cover only potential customers and nobody else?

most striking appearance - a mailing conventional paper mail (direct mail).

Order it can be in a special company.

advantage mailing direct mail and even in that advertising will not get

to your competitors, and they can not learn from your original advertising design.

Now let's see how to make the usual sales letters - letters telling sellers.

What does the letter-seller?

The fact is that unlike the short advertising slogans, sending emails has a huge advantage.Reading the letter, as if listening to the customer direct and convincing speech seller.

In a letter seller much more likely to sell than the advertising slogan.

But the letter-dealer has its own requirements:

  1. It should be very interesting.So that when it runs through the eye diagonally, just would like to read it from the beginning, very carefully.
  2. In a letter to the vendor should not be incomprehensible words.Someone has a strange, nothing confirmed by the idea that the more obscure complex words, the respectful attitude toward him client.In fact, the truth is more cruel.And you can easily check this.If there is a strange word, the customer loses interest to the letter and throws.
  3. The letter should include a description of a very painful for the customer problems that you can help him solve.Yes, it sounds a bit strange.But if you managed to step on the very sore spot, a great likelihood that a person will acquire your product or service.That is, you must find the customer the existing problem, colorfully describe what it is dangerous, and when the client will break the cry of "well, what do I do ?!", you need to show a good solution to this problem, in the form of your product or service.
  4. And the last lines of the letter should give the customer the answer to the question why the order needs to be done right now!The reason should be weighty and call to action.

works very well stories from the life of a person in the letter, which had terrible problems, and who decided to help them with you.But here it is important to write an interesting story that will enthrall from the first row.

sure to show the letter to other people whose opinion you trust.The more people read, the better.

Let unashamedly express their opinions.If mostly they like, it's okay.Aerobatics - is if they are reading your letter, want to buy your product.If they think something is not quite clear, it is not necessary to explain to them what is the meaning.Because close to the customer, who will read it, you will not.

therefore correct the text so that it is clear, even a schoolboy without further explanation.This is called a letter saying.

Running a thousand letters speaking merchants, you get the effect is much better than using a mass advertising medium, which cater to the crowd.

Imagine a hunter who came to hunt and without taking aim started to shoot around.Of course, there is a chance that he will get in the goal.But how many rounds he will spend in vain!

However, even a hunter better than sitting at home and do not go into the forest.He had no chance to get some booty.

The analogy is clear?

Any advertising is better than its absence.

But if you choose the right methods of advertising, you simply aiming bёte the bull's-eye and snatching away from under the noses of competitors the best customers!

you do not make any unnecessary movements and you can truly be called a professional!

Good luck and a lot of customers!

A dispatch of letters to help in this!