"Battle" possessions near Pitt and Jolie

Last week Brad Pitt has officially announced that it would sue anyone who publishes photos of his family, made in the territory of their possessions.Therefore, pictures of the family (no twins) on the lawn with his French name, appeared on several major news sites, were immediately removed from there.
But on Friday, the French possessions in the vicinity of the "star" of the family started a real massacre.Two paparazzi - a man and a woman, dressed in camouflage - have tried to settle down comfortably to take pictures, so avoid that Brad and Angelina.But they noticed two guards and a fight broke out.

The incident ended with the two sides were taken to the local police station.

Of course, there is a fight a fight, but, apparently, it looked pretty funny.Both sides say the manifestation of violence by opponents.

representative of Pitt and Jolie, confirming that fact really "took place to be", said: "One of the paparazzi attacked the security officer, broke his finger and smeared it with his blood, claiming that he was sick with hepatitis C".By the way, the guards because of injuries went for 4 days on vacation.

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photos, participate in the brawl, too, of course, "he shared his impressions."According to the paparazzi, one of the security guards smashed his head with a walkie-talkie, and in response, he just had to break his finger and sprinkle both with his own blood.A hepatitis fotokorra just wanted to scare the guards, so they stopped beating him.

In addition, the subject of dispute between the parties has become a place where there is a conflict.Of course, the paparazzi say that it was outside the dominions Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and security insists on the opposite.

After clarification of all the police let go, after having obtained their written complaints against each other.
spokeswoman Olivia Pyupo police station said, "I will not hide such incidents have little interest.The police have more important issues than a few paparazzi photographing some glamorous couple.We have a burglary and robbery investigations which need to be addressed first.And besides, the French taxpayers pay money not to the police guarded some American, even if known, a family. "

Police advised Brad and Angelina to increase staff protection, so as not to bother wasting the French law enforcement officers.

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