The largest banks in Russia.

Recently, a lot of banks were deprived of licenses, have gone bankrupt or closed for any other reason.Naturally, the common people none of this turn is not notified, and now they will be long and tedious to prove that to the financial institution had their money and try to regain their back.To avoid such situations, you need more before the money will be entrusted to the bank, to explore its financial performance, reliability, read reviews and, of course, find out if he is the largest Russian banks.Rating these financial institutions, presented below, will make it quickly and efficiently.Keep in mind that if the bank has a single client is not included in the list submitted to it does not mean that it is worse than indicated or will soon go bankrupt.In the below list includes only 10 of the largest banks in terms of available official data.

Rating calculation

proposed lower the rating of banking institutions is available in two versions.In the first - the largest Russian banks, a list which is sorted in terms of assets.For the calculation was based on the information on this site is the Central Bank of Russia.Included in the calculation of assets with high liquidity, interbank, money invested in stocks, bonds, promissory notes, and the amounts that are involved in the formation of the capital of other companies, fixed assets, loans to individuals and legal entities, intangible and other assets.

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second list, which includes also the major commercial banks in Russia, presented in the context of deposits of physical persons will be primarily interested in potential investors.Despite the fact that the information is given on the contributions of individuals, drawn from the list submitted by the correct conclusions can or legal persons.All information is given as of April 2015.

largest Russian banks: assets

The list below is relevant to April 2015.Banks are located at least reduce the amount of assets, that is, the higher the bank is on the list, the greater the amount of its assets, and vice versa.

  1. Sberbank of Russia.
  2. VTB.
  3. Gazprombank.
  4. VTB 24.
  5. Rosselkhozbank.
  6. FC Discovery.
  7. Alfa-Bank.
  8. Bank of Moscow
  9. National Clearing Center.
  10. UniCreditBank.

It should be noted that this figure is the list of major Russian banks.Similar organizations in other countries are not taken into account, despite the fact that some have their representative offices and subsidiaries abroad.Thus, in fact, a large banking network has not yet won the market of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that it can not yield to other banks in the list of security and stability, it will not be marked.

largest banks in Russia.Deposits of individuals

The list below is relevant to April 2015.Banks are located at least reducing the amount of deposits of individuals, that is, the higher the bank is on the list, the greater the amount of his contributions, and vice versa.

  1. Sberbank of Russia.
  2. VTB 24.
  3. Alfa-Bank.
  4. Gazprombank.
  5. Rosselkhozbank.
  6. Bank of Moscow.
  7. Raiffeisenbank.
  8. PSB.
  9. Home Credit Bank.
  10. Khanty-Mansiysk Bank "Opening".

For that category of people that is interested in placing their own funds, but is afraid to trust their banking institutions because of the possible risk of loss of savings, we can recommend to apply it in the above-mentioned organizations, which for a long time the existence of the financial services market proved to be reliable, honest and stable structures.

Pros cooperation with major banks

As you can see, the banks, especially on the tops of the two lists are the same.Working with them provides increased guarantees of reliability of deposits, keeping funds in the accounts and safe deposit boxes.In addition, the large financial institutions, the greater its branches and, consequently, the higher the level of comfort for the customers who do not have to go to the other side of town to get to the desired point of service.It is also the largest Russian banks often offer a greater range of services and products (both credit and deposit) than the other, which also increases the flow of customers.

Cons cooperation with major banks

main disadvantages of cooperation with such large organizations are the conditions, rates and tariffs.Most often in smaller banks can find more favorable conditions for lending and for deposits.Note, however, that this level of reliability and safety of money in major banks, is no longer anywhere.Chasing more favorable conditions, you can lose everything.The decision to work with one or another bank, of course, is taken by each individual citizen or the organization itself, based on a variety of factors, but if there is the opportunity to choose, we recommend using banking services exactly where guaranteed more safety and reliability, even at the expense of less profitablerates.It should be remembered that any financial institution that offers cooperation and at the same time emphasizes the extremely favorable tariffs / interest rates / rates / payments, and so on. D., Which differ significantly from the average may be fictitious office engaged in fraudulent activities.


Based on the foregoing, it can be noted that the largest banks in Russia, located on the first lines of the list are placed there for a long time, which attests to their constant development, attention to customers, the introduction of new types of servicesand improving the use of existing comfort.In most cases, when a client of a major bank, to attend his department is constantly there is no need, as a huge number of services can be obtained simply by using Internet banking.This applies to both individuals and legal entities.If you need to visit a bank branch is still there, and in this embodiment, a large bank is more preferable, since it has just more points of service of the population and legal entities, than in other similar organizations.