The prostate gland - what is it?

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Urogenital rights - an important set of bodies responsible for the allocation from the body of harmful products of its life and reproduction.In fact, the two systems are closely intertwined.Therefore, the problem with a single cause permanent disruption of the other.

Sex differences

Everyone knows that the anatomy of man is different from women's.This is especially true of the genitourinary system.His body has specific organs and glands that are responsible for erections and sperm viability.

sex cells, sperm cells are produced in the testes.But by themselves, they would have died rather quickly.Therefore, the body produces special nutritional fluid.For it meets the prostate.What is it they know not all.Therefore, over time, men may experience problems that could be avoided by taking preventive measures.

purely male iron

In general urogenital system consists of a male sex organs and excretory system is the same as that of women: the kidneys, bladder and urethra (the urethra).Around the male urethra, almost at its beginning, it is the prostate.This iron

external and internal secretion, which produces both androgynous hormones and secret consists of sperm.In boys, this gland is underdeveloped.Basically it consists of smooth muscle.

At puberty the prostate increases.Due to the glandular tissue of the prostate gland size gains, the rate of which is about a buckeye in diameter.After puberty, the intensity of its growth stops.At the same time throughout a man's life the prostate continues to grow slowly.

Role of prostate

Like any other organ, the prostate gland performs functions without which the body's normal life would be impossible.

First, the nutritional function.It produces a special nourishing a secret, which creates a favorable environment for the life of the sperm.Because of this they are able to fertilize for several days.

Second, regulatory.Anatomy of a lot of men in what depends on the normal hormonal levels.The prostate gland is involved in the creation of this background, developing specific male hormones.

Third, the barrier function.At the moment of ejaculation occurs simultaneous release of sperm from the testes and sperm from the prostate itself.In order to ejaculate does not leak urine, prostate blocks the urinary sphincter.

Fourth, the prostate gland is responsible for normal erection.The hormones produced by it, serve as a signal to start an erection.Therefore, one of the consequences of the disruption of cancer most often erectile dysfunction.

main symptoms of the disease

age, frequent cases, when it begins to operate properly, the prostate.What is it, men will know immediately.They notice the discomfort and pain during urination, sexual dysfunction and many other troubles, which is not to say aloud.

diseases of the body are often found in men with age.It is believed that as a man of such and the percentage likelihood of ill prostatitis or other diseases associated with dysfunction of the prostate.

Fortunately, not so big list of violations faced by the prostate gland.Symptoms noticeable almost immediately:

  • decrease pressure stream of urine;
  • cramps and pain when urinating;
  • abdominal pain;
  • discoloration of urine;
  • frequent urge to the bathroom, especially at night.

If a man sees at least a few of them, you should immediately consult a urologist.Delaying for a couple of days can complicate the treatment process, and sometimes cause death.


Any changes diffuse prostatic entail the development of diseases.One of the most widely considered BPH.This abnormal growths of muscle tissue in the prostate, which entail the partial or complete compression of the urethra.

addition delay urination such violation causes a number of complications in the urinary system of men.Stagnation of urine promotes bacterial precipitate in the precipitation of urea with consequent formation of sand and stones in the bladder or kidneys.Further complications of the disease can cause acute renal failure.

Unfortunately, according to statistics from the age of a strong increase in diameter, which is subject to the prostate gland.The size, the rate of which is several times less become a problem after 40-45 years.Every year at risk to detect BPH increases.Therefore, you should not neglect regular visits to the urologist.This ensures an easier healing process.


Affected and inflammation of the prostate.What is it, men will learn when every trip to the toilet makes them strong cramps and extreme pain.Furthermore, there is a constant acute pain in the bladder.It can also change the color of urine, in which impurities appear pus or blood.

treatment of prostate cancer should start immediately.Otherwise, it threatens serious complications and a long process of recovery and rehabilitation.Launched prostatitis causes impotence and infertility that cure is no longer possible.


In the complex in the diagnosis and treatment of disease is a tumor of the prostate.It is easily confused with benign growths called adenomas.But the consequences from the disease much more dangerous.

Symptoms of prostate cancer are the same as for other diseases.Diagnosed at early stages, it can be cured even without surgical intervention.In the later stages of tumor metastasis is able to give it to the adjacent organs, which virtually untreatable and leads to death.

not yet fully understood mechanisms of formation and development of prostate cancer.It is believed that the adenoma tends to degenerate into a malignant tumor.In any case, a risk is greater than 50% of men over the age of 45 years.

non-invasive ways to treat prostate

Any surgery to the body but good entail a number of complications.Therefore, treatment of prostate cancer begin with non-invasive methods.

To start using a simple observation of the state of men without any therapeutic methods.There are a number of people who develop adenomas stops itself.

If there is a tendency to complicate the condition, the urologist decides to start therapy drugs.Primarily used alpha-blockers.They are able to stop the abnormal growth of cancer.In most cases this is enough.

prostatitis, it makes sense to use antibiotics.The problem of treatment is that the iron itself is fairly deep in the body.Therefore, therapeutic substances into it at once and in small amounts.In some cases, acute course of the disease, doctors prescribe the use of drugs through the urethra.

Surgical treatments

Almost half of the cases, the treatment of prostate cancer requires surgery.When used adenoma transurethral resection of the prostate.This operation takes place with minimal tissue damage.During her cut out a portion of the prostate gland that blocks the urethra.The functions of the prostate is almost not violated, and the man can continue to lead a normal sexual life.

Complete removal of the prostate is indicated for the detection of cancer cells in it.Because this disease is "masked" by a benign tumor, the doctors could not fully assess the extent of organ damage.Unfortunately, after such an operation, the majority of men have impotence and infertility.

There is another way of surgical intervention: the dissection of the body of the prostate.It is used in cases when the gland has not grown to the critical dimensions and did not start to put pressure on the bladder, causing a stagnation of urine.The operation is that the incision allows the surgeon prostate become more elastic.She, in turn, does not block the urethra and interferes with the emptying mochevika.

risk factors for prostate

Historically, male urogenital system is quite sensitive to changes in lifestyle.Bad habits and poor diet immediately make themselves felt.This is especially noticeable change functioning prostate.

primarily diseases of the body can be diagnosed in 4 out of 10 men after 40 years.This is due to age-related changes in hormonal levels.Before that the man who led an unhealthy lifestyle, his chances increase significantly.But in the age of 80. BPH is observed in 99% of men.

Because sedentary lifestyles in the pelvic organs is a stagnation of blood and lymph.This promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and deposition on vessel walls harmful substances.The prostate is exposed to the most because it is located in the center and supplied with blood passing through other organs.

At risk are those men, paternal diagnosed with cancer.It is not necessary it should be a malignant tumor of the prostate gland.Low levels of the body's resistance to cancer is inherited.A prostate - one of the most sensitive male organ.

Prevention "male" disease

order to reduce the future risk of any disease associated with the prostate, should be given a lot of time to prevention.First we need to go on a healthy diet.More protein and plant foods promotes proper metabolism.This fatty, fried foods and "junk food" weaken the entire body.

Sports prevent stagnant processes in the pelvic area.Because of this, all the organs normally supplied with nutrients and toxins are removed from them in time.

But there are specific methods of prevention, which requires the prostate gland.What is it and what is the effect, men understand the first time.If you can not follow the whole body, you can regularly conduct prostate massage.I deal with it every man alone.Enough to feel through the rectum and prostate by simple manipulations relax her and stimulate blood flow.For convenience, you can use special vibrating massager.

correct and timely prevention will save the health of the men to a great age.