Grape seed oil for the face: reviews, application

Recently, on the shelves of pharmacies in large numbers appeared grape seed oil.Face (reviews confirm this) it our ladies are often used.And sometimes they use it in place of cream daily.It remains the case for small: the variety of brands to choose the right product.Focusing on consumer comments, try to find the most effective among them.

How is?

Many women have long discovered a product such as grape seed oil.For the person who reviews it confirms them, it is the good care.And it is absolutely suitable for all skin types: for dry and oily.This oil is produced mainly by hot extraction from grape seeds.However, there is a more sophisticated method of its production - cold pressing.It, unlike the first, allows to keep all the biologically active substances in the oil.But in practice, this method is used very rarely, because this production is unprofitable because of the small amount of the product obtained at the outlet.Grape seed oil contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, natural sources of y

outh - vitamins A, C, E, flavonoids and phytosterols.This rich composition makes it an indispensable tool for care of the face and body.

Where to buy?

Many people wonder: how to buy grape seed oil?You can buy it at a pharmacy or specialized stores for the sale of such cosmetics.Some users prefer to order goods on the official website of the manufacturer.

Effect of

What can be achieved using grape seed oil for the face.Its application - the process simple.Some women share their secrets to use it in the comments.In this article, we will consider them.This product has a wide range of effects on the skin:

• moisturizes and softens it;

• catalyze processes produce their own collagen and elastin;

• improves skin elasticity, smooths her;

• protects from dryness and flaking;

• refreshes and tones the skin;

• accelerates the recovery processes;

• has a light whitening effect;

• prevents the formation of age spots;

• make inconspicuous freckles;

• stimulates the metabolism;

• improves blood circulation;

• prevents irritation, rosacea;

• tightens pores;

• normalizes the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands;

• soothes sensitive skin;

• enhances its protective function.

How to use?

Many women believe that the grape seed oil - an alternative to a night cream.As you know, ladies night using a thick and nourishing cream, rather than in the morning.This is important for night skin repair.

In this respect, this oil meets the specified criteria.It has an oil base, its composition rich in nutrients necessary for normal course of vital processes in the epidermis.In this case, the evening after washing is necessary to put a little money on a cotton sponge and rub their face.Half an hour later, you can remove the excess, soaked skin tissue.Use the product can be both in pure form and with the addition of drops of any essential oil: marigold, lemon, grapefruit, mint and so on.Some women add a little money in your daily facial cream.It is also acceptable.And it is possible on the basis of the product to do a hydrating mask for the skin.Suitable, for example, is as follows: 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, a little grape seed oil, 1 egg yolk.All the mix, a little heated in a water bath and put on face for 20 minutes.

product from Organic Shop

Now, based on feedback from consumers try to determine the pros and cons of such products a few cosmetic companies.The first in line - facial oil Organic shop.Grape seed use it disclosed in full.The product has ekosertifikaty.What is especially nice, he performed in Russia.The manufacturer claims that this oil is ideal for dry, prone to peeling, skin, and oily with black dots.The product has a light pleasant fruity, well absorbed without clogging pores.The effect of its use is noticeable almost immediately - a couple of days after the start of use.Members noted the ease of release forms: glass vial with a pipette.An additional advantage - low price.Cost - 203 rubles.

Oil "Aspera": customer reviews

But it is quite inexpensive option.We are talking about such a product as a cosmetic oil "Aspera".Grapeseed therein appear little.It is worth about 70 rubles.The manufacturer is also Russia.Let us listen to customer feedback.Many of them believe that a good product can not be cheap.And this observation is true.Customers are confused by the fact that the instructions say that the remedy made by hot extraction.This means that the nutrients in it there is not much.Some women complain about the inconvenience of using it.It sold it in bottles of dark glass, tightly closed plastic tube, which is very difficult to open.Moreover, the product is not equipped with a pipette or dispenser.Therefore, its cost is also not necessary to speak.

Select the imported vehicle

This is a product of the Italian fashion brand Argital.The manufacturer claims that this great grape seed oil for the face.Guest is confirmed.The women write that it has a very light texture, perfectly absorbed and does not clog pores.Some consumers are advised to use it to get rid of blackheads as follows: Apply the oil to damp skin with a cotton sponge, half an hour to wash and wipe face scrub well.Then you can apply all the usual moisturizer.This procedure helps to quickly get rid of comedones and remove irritation.There is only one product at a significant disadvantage - price.Its cost - 1850 rubles.Buy it can not in every pharmacy.

Oil "Nikitsky Garden" - a budget option

Crimean city of Yalta from the manufacturer is a product called "Nikitsky Garden".This grape seed oil, customer reviews confirm this, is in great demand among our women.This is the budget option of all, here presented.Its price ranges from 60 to 80 rubles in different pharmacies.The raw materials used in its production, is grown in the Crimea.Perhaps this affects its low cost.Members already rated this product.Women write, that particularly good to use it at night, rubbing the skin with a sponge with a little oil.It is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film.Leather morning after such procedure soft and smooth.Excellent oil for daily use.Only one drawback to our customers complain - it is very difficult to obtain.

product company "Lekus»

return to domestic producers.After all, as a rule, the price of its imported goods are much lower.This statement and with regards to this product.Let us listen to reviews of "Cosmetic grape seed oil" from the company "Lekus."The women write that it perfectly smooths the skin, has a light texture.Therefore, some of them use the product instead of a day cream makeup.We just need to get wet face with a paper towel after half an hour after application.Now the facial skin moisturized and smooth, ready to use tonal resources and powder.More people pay attention to the fact that the agent has a pleasant fresh scent, produced in a convenient form: glass bottle with a cork with a hole.And, of course, pleased with the price - 65 rubles.

Summing up

Considering all the above, we can conclude that many of the women instead of the usual cream used grape seed oil for the face.Reviews they say that it is suitable for both dry skin and oily.When this product should pay attention to the way in which it was received.The most preferred method of cold pressing.Another selection criterion - release form.Bottle with means must be equipped with a pipette or dispenser opening.Otherwise, its use will deliver a little fun.Among imported brands, producing similar products, is to provide a firm Argital.Our, domestic demand special oil "Nikitsky Garden" and "Lekus."They are also the cheapest in the range of consideration.

We did a survey of the most popular brands that produce a cosmetic product - grape seed oil.