How to make a beautiful green manicure

change the way - a very interesting exercise.Any pretty happy experimenting, choosing a new color combination of clothes, makeup and of course the color of nails.We need to look stylish in the winter and summer, and do so not only to others but to please himself.How about to try some unusual green manicure?Perhaps it is the very find.

Several options manicure

emerald green color of the nails can be given by any appropriate shade varnish.A good option is the color of sage, mint, pistachio.

manicures can be made in one or more colors.For example, a good lime paint with white.More green blends well with purple, gold, silver, blue.For the French manicure, you can use green and yellow colors.

And if you created a more formal style, it looks appropriate gloss finish.It is better to choose a manicure with green paint in full color.

lover of retro style is quite possible to draw dots or cell, combining shades of green.Kiwi cake or watermelon and butterflies on the nails also attract attention.

Beautiful manicure on short nails

now in vogue the average length, but also in the short nails can be made beautiful green manicure.Unusual is the combination of light herbal lacquer and pale pink.For the French manicure, you can combine two shades of green.Originality is a change in their staggering.

And you can make the transition to color from light to dark thumbs to little fingers, having painted nails in different shades of green.This gradient, which is easy to perform, because you need only stock up 5 shades of green lacquer.But to translate into reality technology Ombre better look, as does the specialist.

Shy girls who want to brush up a little manicure can draw only the ring finger glitter, art, brighter shade of green.If you highlight the varnish with small silver beads, you get an exquisite green nail polish (photo it shows).

egg, creamy shade looks rich, and for greater expressiveness good cover it with glitter varnish.In addition, for those who love nail-art, offers a variety of fancy fruit, herbal and leafy topics.

Green nail polish according to the season

New Year's Eve actually look fine eating, especially decorated with icing polish or rhinestones.But the summer of amateur neon shades can afford them on the beach.Everyday fit pistachio, mint and menthol bluish shades.Such variations are very refreshing in the heat, although the actual manicure and green during the winter holidays.

significantly helps to improve mood cheerful fruit manicure or just bright varnish.Green tint always recalls the warm time of the year, creating a mood.Juicy bright tone is associated with young foliage and spring freshness.

can use the rich color, such as dark green is most suitable for winter.Although there may be exceptions.A look at the fingernails painted bright paint, relaxes and soothes.A bright green manicure is designed to attract people's views.

simplicity and luxury green

This varnish can be used to create an ordinary manicure or evening chic image.The solution to what color nail appear today, accepted the mood.Just keep in mind that if you do a manicure for a long time, it binds to wear appropriate things.

monochromatic coating always looks fashionable and relevant.In the working environment looks perfect light or dark green manicure.Photo shows clearly that the color fits perfectly into the office environment, thus making the image on the job a few romantic.

not necessarily identical dress to wear enough clothes in the presence of colors in harmony with the green.

Loved by many mint color can be presented in different ways:

  1. add them to the image of youth fashion jeans with a T-shirt.
  2. Wear a business suit.

Good looks bright nail polish in shades of green floral ornaments for clothing, which is a clear indication of the creative personality.To do this, you just need to make up nail polish and pick the appropriate outfit.

Black and green nail polish color

This duo looks elegant, stylish and elegant.Especially beautiful green and white French manicure, decorated with delicate patterns in black.There are many varieties of such images.In any case, this is a great testing ground for creativity, allowing you to create absolutely any figures.For drawings must try, but if you own a light green nail varnish with black asterisks and flowers, you get quite giddy and unobtrusive option.

must always remember that any pattern on your nails look beautiful and fascinating only if clean and well-groomed hands.Otherwise, the appearance gets tough and tasteless.In addition, green manicure, especially with black patterns, obliges the owner to choose harmoniously accessories and apparel.The basic tone nail creates a bright accent in the way, attracts attention with its unconventional.If you pick up the shoes, handbag and jewelry in the appropriate colors, the success of the created image is provided.

How about velor?

Lovers of unusual solutions should look and feel the velvet manicure, the more kind of get a nice, festive and elegant.This is especially good for short nail polish.And if you pick up beautiful accessories made of suede, this combination will look more favorably.To make such a manicure, only enough to buy nail polish and make-up nails.

Satin and velvet dress also suitable.Velvet with the same nail is completely harmonious feeling, and satin with herbal nails - contrast.Most bold and bright idea to manicure velvet and shiny gloss.

Do not get hung up on the usual design of nails.After all, sometimes a sudden decision as a manicure in green, can give the most vivid and intense emotions.Using a beautiful rich green color for decoration nails, easy to create the perfect mood.Make a beautiful manicure is not difficult if you approach it creatively.