How to Create a Resume, who noticed?

The realities of life are such that the employer companies are not eternal, and are easily replaceable, so none of us is immune from the fact that one day we have to make a new summary, or to do an audit of the "old."That's just sometimes have to create a resume quite difficult.After all, the main thing here - it's quality.

first ensure that our right resume stands out from the majority of resumes with the same type of errors.To do this, pay attention to the following main points.

Create resume - an opportunity to get the key to successful selling himself as a worker in the labor market, and therefore should be drawn up taking into account the fact that a potential employer wanted to "buy" it for you.Do you think you would be able to sell the product, if the first information that the buyer saw in the brochure was about the age of the product and its technical characteristics?I think no.The employer wants to know what you can do for him, but not how much you have children or machines.Therefore, the structure of your resume should be carefully considered from the point of view of pokupatelya- employer.The sequence of presentation of data can be in the following order:

• Last name, first name (no abbreviations)

• Address (no need to write the number of houses and apartments, simply specify the city, district)

• Phones(specify all contact telephone numbers)

• Email

• Work Experience (Required in reverse chronological order!)

• Professional training (specify those that are relevant to the job)

• Professional Membership

• Education (infirst higher education if available)

• Interests (specify those which may be relevant to the job)

• Personal data

• Have recommendations (do not write just commend you people just verify whether or not there recommendations)

This structure allows potential employers to obtain information in a particular order, to decide to invite the candidate for an interview or not.Because the main goal of sending resume - is to receive an invitation for an interview.It is unlikely that someone can get a job immediately after reading his resume.

Particular attention should be paid to the most important part of the resume - work activity.The structure of this section shall contain the following items:

- the job title, the name of the employer, the period of work;

- a brief description of the employer;

- description of the work;and

- achievement.

This arrangement reflects the information that a prospective employer wants to know, namely, what did you do, for whom and when.This is a very important point, which helps you create a resume in an advantageous position for you.Some achievements in a separate table or in a separate section of the summary.This arrangement condemns the employer to the comparison of this information with your employment, and leap from one section to another is not in your favor.

In general, audited separately, based on in order to facilitate the work of a prospective employer when reading your resume, and then the reward for this care will be invited for an interview.

As you can see, to create a resume without error - this procedure is quite complicated, but doable.The main thing is to give this process a maximum of your attention.On the question of how to create a resume, you should get a response, especially by yourself.It is from your efforts and well-constructed sentences depends on your future career.Remember resume - this is you are only "on paper".If your resume will be made right, no company in the interview you will not refuse.But, if you're sending your resume, and in response to the silence, then, after all that you have made wrong.