How to tie a tie "Windsor": detailed instructions.

In the wardrobe of every business man has a solid suit, which should be decorated with such accessories such as tie.This element of the wardrobe is always selected with great care.Tie - is an important addition that puts on the image of the main bar, and in some cases, on the contrary, to dilute the image.So, for all those who are wondering how to tie a tie "Windsor" and designed our article.

History of

first node "Windsor" appeared in the 30s.The founder of the fashion for such a node has become the Prince of Wales, who was later the Earl of Windsor.At the time, it was he liked to tie a tie in this way.Large and decorated with a large knot of his aristocratic neck.Then the men were taught how to tie a tie "Windsor" in the trendy and the famous magazine "Vogue".Since then, all men liked this knot, and he gradually migrated these days, complementing the image of stylish and elegant men.

Classic at the height of fashion

In this article we will talk about how to tie a tie "Windsor."For many years, men wear the node that completely hides a section of the collar.And so the node constantly keeps at the height of fashion and is not going to leave it.Business men are many, but among them an increasing number of people who have no idea of ​​how to tie a tie.Node "Windsor" can master any beginner who does not know how to do it.That will have a beautiful triangular-shaped unit that complements any man and give it flavor and mystique.

How to tie a tie?

The next step is to figure out how to tie a tie "Windsor."For those who want to emphasize their individuality, should follow the steps below:

  1. To begin choose a shirt and tie color.
  2. Next you need to fasten all the buttons on the shirt.
  3. This type of assembly requires greater length than any other method.With this in mind, we jumped on his neck widest part of greater length than narrow.Next, we need to cross the ends together and thread the wide part up.
  4. next step is aimed at tying one additional loop.Thus tie has to descend, hanging from the front side.
  5. then threaded a wide part of the narrow side.
  6. carefully wrapped left node widest part of the tie and threaded under the new node made up.Here the main thing - remember the little rule.Constantly need to make sure that the node is not addictive.It's enough to hold the loop with his free hand.
  7. wide end of the tie is necessary to pass through the loop in front.
  8. Node delay.
  9. And the final touch - fix our unit, if required.

This sequence of actions will help to cope with the question of how to tie a tie knot "Windsor."The scheme demonstrates each step, which is easy to handle even a child.It is necessary to take into account another important detail - the tie should be broad and it is desirable that the material was not very dense.Otherwise, the node will look sloppy.

In some cases, apply the node "Windsor"?

for the stronger sex, who wants to emphasize their solidity and seriousness, is to learn how to tie a tie knot "Windsor."This method is ideal for the daily trek to work and if you want to see a secular reception, this node will be a real addition to your main image.If you want to untie a tie, this is easily done, because the node is considered samorazvyazyvayuschimsya.Node can be combined with any kind of shirt, but still considered to be the most ideal shirt with collar "shark fin".But here is the shirt to choose, based on the structure of your face.It is also considered to be the main point of colors shirt and tie.Make it easy enough to remember some tips:

  • tie and shirt are opposite colors.
  • can use two adjacent colors, but the tie should always be darker than the shirt.
  • If white shirt, then tie can be absolutely any color.
  • If many shades shirt, the tie can choose a contrasting bright color.If the selected
  • shirt has a pattern, the tie should be a solid color with the same decor.

Conclusion For anyone who wanted to learn how to tie his tie like "Windsor", this guide will serve as a reference book that will help you understand all the intricacies.Step by step chart describes in detail each step.Beginners to tie a tie at first you have to train in the mirror long enough.Then, when the gain skills, it is no longer needed, you can easily knit tie for yourself without looking.Node "Windsor" is created to the stronger sex to conquer the peak of his personality, seriousness and beauty.