The mystery and meaning of the name Melissa

investigate the behavior of the common traits and how the destiny of people wearing specific name - an interesting job.And even more fun - to know the result of this long-term observation in this publication.It will reveal the mystery and meaning of the name Melissa, tell what it means in the language of astrologers.Will become apparent to some traits of its owner.The article tells the names of the men for whom the girl has a better chance of successfully marry.

What is the name Melissa and how it was formed?

This name came to us from ancient Greece.According to some researchers, it is translated as "honey".This version is associated with a nymph named Melissa, who was the daughter of the king Melisseya and fed Zeus with milk and honey, and her task was to teach mankind to extract honey.Other scientists have found that the relevant name means "bee" because according to legend, Melissa could be the chosen one of the gods because of its beautiful appearance.Fearing this, envious goddess turned her into a bee.There is another opinion that the name comes from the name of lemon balm herb (the word is from the Greek - "honey" and "leaves") having a honey-lemon flavor.

value for the character named Melissa owner

girl who wears the name, cute others because of their friendliness and openness.People see it as a very active and interesting person, so Melissa - the favorite of the company.She has a lot of friends and acquaintances, which she never forgets.The winner of this "sweet" name like to visit different events (movie, funny party) or be a party to sports.

Melissa - the name of a single-minded person, who for the sake of achieving the desired result would do anything to end.She never gives way to life's problems.This girl is able to control people, but she never thinks about his sometimes reckless actions, because of what can bring serious problems to others.

value named Melissa for working life

regard the person will never be reconciled with the established principles and routine.Therefore, in any profession, it will come up with something new, make proposals to improve the daily life at work.Melissa prefers to choose the activity, filled with adventure, and may be, for example, a mountain climber, an archaeologist or a geologist.Money is not the purpose of her life, but if you need it for the family, it will by all means to look for additional sources of income.

magical meaning of the name Melissa

owner of this beautiful planet named guards the sun.

  • Amulets - beryl, gold and diamond.
  • color name - gold.
  • Plants guardian - wild roses and olive.
  • auspicious day - Sunday.

girl, whose name is Melissa, will create the most close-knit family with a man named Andrew Roman, Ivan, Anatoly, Konstantin, Leonid, Michael, Daniel, George, Timur, Vladimir.Slightly harder it will be in a relationship with Gennady, Igor Fedorov and Cyril.