Delicious dough for ravioli: recipe with photos

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Most housewives know how to make dumplings.Which is easier: Knead the dough, scroll through a meat grinder, to stick, to boil water, and a great hearty dish is ready.However, the time it takes a lot of preparation.How to make your dumplings not impressed bought in the supermarket?You do want to make a long distance at the kitchen table, and plates not passed in vain?If you follow our advice, you did such dumplings that your guests will remember all my life and ask how you cook them, and households will know that your dumplings - the most real and the most delicious in the world.

best dish - from the home test

Most often ravioli we buy in the shops ready.But can compete with the homemade ravioli shop ?!Home stuffing and dough - it is always unique.For the filling, you can take the meat of different animals, choose the spices to your liking, not just pepper and salt.The dough can be made so thin and flexible that from such goodies figure does not suffer.Moreover, delicious tender dough for ravioli can be used for a variety of other dishes.And cook it is not very difficult.Why is it that many cooks the dough turns gray, stiff and poorly molded?


How to make delicious dough for ravioli?The recipe is very simple.


- 6 cups of wheat flour;

- 1,5 glasses of water;

- 1 teaspoon of salt.

very rare in cookbooks or cooking websites you can find the correct sequence of how to make a delicious elastic dough for ravioli.It's not that cooks or engineers are trying to hide the secret of.They just focus on the proper ratio of ingredients, suggesting that the technology handling priori obvious to everyone.


flour to make delicious dough for the dumplings, you must first get a good meal.It is best to wholemeal, durum wheat durum type, superior quality.This meal contains lots of gluten.Its products do not become limp when cooking.The dough does not darken.By the way, to determine what meal you got, you can color the resulting dough.If it remains as white as it was flour, then you're in luck - you have a great meal.Consumption of such a product is small.The dough can be rolled very thin, almost transparent layer, and it will not be torn, but only stretching.From this sort of flour you can not be afraid to gain extra weight.

oxygen saturation

most delicious dough for ravioli obtained when flour saturated with oxygen.How to achieve this?It is necessary to sift the flour by hair or a fine metal sieve twice.This also never write, and it is one of the main secrets of a good test.Take the time to do this procedure, and you get a very tasty pasta for ravioli.Consumption of flour - the question is always conditional enough.Everything depends on the quality of the product and it contained gluten.Accordingly, the amount of salt and water is always different.

To salt or not to salt?

Do not get attached to the exact numbers that dictate the recipe delicious dough dumplings found in the cookbook.It is better to use our advice.It is as follows.Salt to the flour and not the finished dough and water, which will dilute the flour.Fill the container half cup of boiled liquid, and salt to taste.It should be a little salty.Some cook your delicious dough for ravioli sodium chloride is not added at all.To the dish was possible, they salted water in which boiled dumplings ready.That makes sense.If you throw the dough in salted boiling water, they are in the process of cooking will not stick together and not fall apart.But these longer suitable precautions in the case of soft wheat flour.

elastic dough

most delicious dough for dumplings turns out to recapture if, that is, pick up and throw on the table a few times.If you use this technique, the test is even soft wheat acquire good elasticity, although it will be ugly gray.The recipe for a delicious dough dumplings should not contain eggs.Sometimes, it is advised to add the egg white, but do not need to, nor should be added to the oil, which is sometimes advised to pour into a bowl with the flour.Classic recipe consists only of water, flour and sometimes - salt.The meal always have gluten.It may be a different number, but it is always present.For it to play to their properties, the product water is added.The greatest elasticity of the dough becomes only after vylezhu after mixing in a cool place for 20-30 minutes.

Custard option

learn and master the secrets disclosed herein, you should certainly try to cook a delicious choux dough for ravioli.Its a bit difficult to do.However, it certainly deserves to be prepared.Come to the aid of pictures, placed in an article.They gradually shows how to cook delicious dough for dumplings.

A glass ladle pour a half cup of boiled water and pour one teaspoon of salt.Stir well, bring the water in the microwave or on the stove to a state of boiling water.

pour into a bowl three full glasses of good sifted flour.A thin stream, stirring constantly, pour the boiling water into it salty.We must try to make it so that no lumps are formed.We should have a fairly homogeneous liquid batter.If lumps still present, break them with a blender.

Put the dough in a bowl with more flour.Do this often, constantly stirring.Add flour and mix until until it can be done with a spoon.When the dough is sufficiently thick and a spoon in it will rotate with difficulty, rather pour a thick layer of flour on the table.Put the dough on it.At this stage, it is still very sticky, so do not skimp.The dough will take much flour as necessary.Knead the dough

usual way.Make sure that it does not stick to the time table and pour the flour.Do this for as long as you feel that it is no longer stick.Delicious dough for dumplings should not be neither too hard nor too soft.At this stage, it should be 15-20 times to recapture on the table.

finished dough food wrap plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for half an hour.During this time it settles, and will acquire the necessary elasticity.After 30 minutes, it can be removed and do modeling dumplings.

Lepim, and cook on a table We serve homemade ravioli

Pour a thin layer on a table meal.First, for ease of roll out the dough into a sausage and cut into several pieces.Take one piece using a rolling pin and roll it in a very thin layer.Glass or other form of cut slices, put in the center of the stuffing and close up the edge.

dumplings can be cooked at once, and can be frozen and used as needed.Since the dough salty, salt water is not necessary.Put it in the bay leaf and a pinch of dried oregano or basil.When the water comes to a boil, throw in her dumplings.Stir so that they do not stick to the bottom.Once the product boil and rise to the surface, simmer for 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the dumplings.They will be ready when the dough is a little wrinkle that is glued to the stuffing: they will not inflate and round, but slightly wavy.

Remove dumplings with a slotted spoon and arrange on plates.Put on the table, butter and sour cream.Do not forget saucers with onions, cut into thin half-rings, and flooded with natural fruit vinegar.

If you for some reason can not make dumplings the day when the dough is prepared, then after it settles, place it in the freezer.With nothing will happen.When the product is required, just thaw it at room temperature, and can use it.

What else can I cook dumpling dough?

Our dough is suitable not only for the dumplings, although it is called dumplings, or unleavened unleavened.It is perfectly suitable for chebureks, strudels, dumplings and many other dishes.From it you can prepare even the cannelloni.Made from good wheat, it is suitable for beshbarmak and noodles in chicken broth.As for sweet dishes, such as dumplings with cherries, blueberries or other berries, that our test can not be afraid that they will emerge and pasted.It is used even during fasting, because there no eggs or dairy products.

very tasty cakes from the test.If they are sprinkled with sesame seeds, flax or other, had an excellent delicacy, which is amiss, and as a separate dish.These cakes washed down with milk.This is delicious.

of them do and wonderful rolls and stuffing envelopes.In this case, roll the dough into a thin layer, put him stuffing of meat, vegetables and soft cheese wrap like a burrito and fry in a pan with vegetable oil or without the oven, putting on a baking sheet, the laid paper with non-stick coating.

With our detailed instructions you will make a very tasty pasta for ravioli.The recipe for the usual, and requires the same amount of brewed products and differs only in that the former flour diluted with cold boiled water, while the second - hot.