Star mother discussed the most important children's issues

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Where better to travel with a baby in the winter, and where - in the summer?How much personal space and time is needed for each child?Why children are scattered on the floor pasta?How to install a children's potty in the aisle of the aircraft?Must comply with the protocol and the kid dress code?

These and other important issues were discussed at the November 26 public talk «Freedom of movement" in the world premiere of a new product Pampers - panties Pampers Premium Care.

to participate in the conversation were invited well-known young mothers:

• Oxana Fedorova, TV presenter, model, designer, mom son Fyodor (2.7 years) and daughter Lisa (1.4 years).
• Tutta Larsen, presenter, mother son, Luke (9 years) and daughter Martha (4 years).
• Irena fun, presenter, mother son, Seraphim (3.8 years).
• Evelyn Bledans, actress, mother sons, Nicholas (20 years) and seeds (2.5 years).
• Ekaterina Mukhina, Stylist magazine Vogue, the founder of the Internet project "Mothers and Daughters", mother daughter Masha (11 years).

moderator of the event was Snezhina Kulov, TV presenter, fashion-blogger, mom son Luke (2 years).

topics discussed at the meeting, close and relevant to every mom.All of them, one way or another related to freedom of movement, which is so necessary for every child.

Tutta Larsen: children now sorely lacking free play when they communicate only with each other.When adults do not moderate this process, and the children for themselves choose what to play and how.Thank God for that we have a country house, where 2 days a week, the children are left to themselves.They can be sent on a bike or scooter through the gate.At the same time you always know at what tree he's hanging upside down, but did not prevent him from doing it.Even if he tore his knee, soiled pants, eaten beetle - on health, please, this is his personal experience.

discussed Mom and how often they take or do not take their children with them in a variety of travel to meetings or shooting, and how it affects personal liberty and the pursuit of the child's independence.

Ekaterina Mukhina: Many mothers are reinsured, once again will not travel with children, fettered their childhood and closed in rigid boundaries.I always have a different approach.I shoot a lot.And we all know that in the winter we rent swimwear, when a poor fashion model in a minus 10 in a bathing suit, and vice versa, summer coats.In very hot weather, when shooting in the desert, I Masha never took with him, because I knew it would be physically difficult, and in extreme cold.But if it's shooting near London, near Paris, why not?

Irena Ponaroshku: I can not carry a baby every day, because it is very active and says every second.When you talk on the phone, or you go in the car.He says: "Why do we stand today?And we have already arrived?And now here?And why we do not come? "And all day long, in addition to all their workers Affairs, answer questions, it follows that it is not pinched door, lest he broke the window, and so on.Therefore, I do not advocate that every day, take your child with you - first of all for his own comfort.

Evelyn Bledans: my absolute conviction, as much as possible it is necessary to take the child anywhere.I understand that there are many occupations, work, for which you can not bring your baby, and then you have to run faster to his home.But when you can carry it with you, I carry.We bring large bags of clothes, food.And somehow we did live. Oxana Fedorova: And in our family opinion on this subject are different.I sometimes take breaks to have a grown-up kids.But Dad says - there is the house, there is the grandmother, it is not safe.Of course, you need to choose the moment.Either immediately begin to take baby everywhere, from about the year or have to wait some time for him to speak, and when it will be possible to explain to him what was happening.With the years, I have missed, but two and a half years, when I was able to explain all Fede, no problems.

Continuing the theme of freedom, participating public talk discussed the most effective ways to interact with the baby and modern methods of education.

Tutta Larsen: Now children grow so independent, so they have come into the world.With a pronounced sense of dignity, with great potential to fight for their rights and desires.We have basically no chance to any other means of communicating with them, but to negotiate.At least my children are, they can not be forced to do something they do not want to, if you do not explain to them why you need to do it, or if it is not presented in such a way that the child had it interesting.

Oxana Fedorova: We learn from children, and we have them, and uh it's wonderful that there are all sorts of techniques, new methods of education, when you go to working with your child, explain to him that there is some sort of categorical punishments.Modern mother realizes that the child is a person, he was born with its own character.And it is necessary not to interfere with regard to development.They feel like it right.Sprinkle the pasta they want - let crumble.It should be their personal experience.May they all try to touch, then many times unnecessary gone out of their lives themselves.

very lively discussion was widespread myth that the diapers can cause problems with potty training.

Tutta Larsen: There is a "scarecrow" for mothers, children who wear diapers, very late planted per pot, writing in the pants.I remember how it was with us: my children wear diapers, and that we in no way prevented accustom children to the pot, and both of them fairly quickly deal with it just because of my children, like any modern childfreedom of movement, his personal space - it is a very important part of his life. supported in this topic Tutta Larsen and Oxana Fedorova. Oxana Fedorova: I remember the words that I told the doctor experienced in the hospital: "It's a myth that a child can not go to the toilet, that this period will be longer.Nothing like this happens, I say this with full responsibility as a doctor and a man have gone through for thousands of young mothers. "I previously had the idea to use natural diapering, I thought that because my mother is not one of our grown children.Then he decided that still need to use modern methods and technologies.

Each of stellar member of conversation - young and stylish mom, so the theme of children's fashion could not have been relevant.Stylist Ekaterina Mukhina, as the most experienced in these matters specialist, shared her opinion on the subject.

Ekaterina Mukhina: child should always be comfortable in the clothes you choose.Masha says to me, "Mamula me so comfortable."Convenient - go, darling.In jeans, sneakers, whatever.But it is necessary to teach a child how much to dress properly.Clearly, if you go with the child to the theater, you have to put it nicely, to explain that we go to the theater.If you go for a visit or a birthday, there is also strange to go to the sweatshirt.But the convenience in the first place.The child can move, jump, turn somersaults.We have absolutely the same, and all that you can try for yourself.If you have less than the size of the shoes, they uncomfortable, sparks from the eyes, then why do they need?Which expensive they were not.

not ever need to impose a child that you like.Mary often asks me - my mother, and that you like the 60s or 70s?I say that I like this one.And what do you like?That's why I never do not crush it.However, there are times when a child must comply with the protocol, for example, to dress in accordance with school rules.You can help your child to direct, but to insist on their opinion is not correct.

I remember we shot the son of a famous person, and we had to take it in a tuxedo and bow tie.He began shooting directly at her shoot.I wear it again, and again he takes.As a result, he threw it away and hid somewhere, we did not find it.This small, 3 years, and was so angry, so she was disturbed, tormented.He had to sit for 15 minutes so, as some mothers dress child so dressed up in crinolines and in life.There must be a balance.

Public talk was part of the world premiere of the unique panties Pampers Premium Care.This revolutionary new product from Pampers, the world premiere of which took place in Russia.Many of the mothers have the opportunity to star among the first in the world to appreciate the advantages of panties Pampers Premium Care.They willingly shared their experiences with the guests of the event as a new panties and other diapers Pampers. Oxana Fedorova: Despite the fact that my Fyodor already actively using the potty, there are moments when you need to insure.Son says flatly: "Mom, I grew out of diapers.I need some pants. "He saw that her panties Pampers Premium Care - this single product, you do not need to mount any Velcro, raising and lowering the legs, they are in the ass baby in one motion.And such a deceptive effect is very much helped us.

Evelyn Bledans: We are very happy that now Pampers Premium Care is in the form of pants, because the Velcro, they are very disturbed.We are adults, of course.We have 2.5 years, even a little more.So at home we are already trying to ask themselves on a pot.But, of course, when people go in, put on diapers or pants, to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Snezhina Kulov: It is important to note that the gum panties Pampers Premium Care leaves no residue on the skin.Once we tried other diapers, which has just been such a problem.I have a very big kid for his age, and, at first, it was very hard to choose the size, and secondly, unfortunately, always remained traces of gum on the tummy and legs, Luke was uncomfortable. Tutta Larsen: With Pampers Premium Care we have never had a problem with either the red ass, nor with diaper rash, no clasps at clothing-taking pictures.No resistance in children.Generally, when they have become more or less consciously, it was a perpetual delight - what a picture with a picture of diapers we put on today?And then, she even changes color and it always brings so much joy.

Irena Ponaroshku: We have a lot of travel.Sometimes we put a diaper on the road, in airplanes.We also have a convenient folding pot, which I would recommend to have with you on the road.If a child indicates that he needs, please, here's the pot between the seats, or between the rows of the plane.However, it is much easier with the diaper or panties Pampers Premium Care.You do not need all this changing, shaking up all the bags dostavaniya spare clothes and so on. new panties Pampers Premium Care - is the choice of trendy moms who buy for their kids only the best.Soft and comfortable, they provide an incredible kid dryness and freedom of movement without removing it from the games and daily amazing discoveries.They are so subtle that their baby almost feels.