What is the most effective form Resume Works: Electronic, handwritten or printed?

In modern life, everyone should be able to teach yourself quality, which is especially important in finding a job.You must be able to properly and competently prepare resumes, emphasizing all its advantages and concisely demonstrating the employer: for the stated position of the applicant's right that it claims.These documents can be provided in the recruitment agency or directly to the employer in three variants - electronic, printed or hand-written.Each organization requires submitting some form of the finished document, so this point is first necessary to clarify in the personnel department.

Printed resume

quite convenient and popular option presentation document of the applicant.This form of traditional resume - compiled text, indicating all the necessary data - personal, educational and professional.Attention should be paid to it, ready to resume was too wordy - enough only 1-2 pages vague - employers more like facts and clear language, rich or unnecessary details - no mention of school assessments and absolutely all places of work.The printed form of resume looks very neat, does not require the originator of the special conditions and is suitable for supplying virtually all the organizations and recruitment agencies.

handwritten resume

documents written by hand, cause at least bewilderment employers.In the age of modern digital technology and global computerization print a half-two pages is not a highly complex task.An exception may be only a summary form and questionnaires issued by the employer - they all columns must be filled in by hand.In all other cases, handwritten documents will not be given priority, especially in comparison with a neat print or electronic resume.

Electronic resume

Increasingly from applicants needed the most modern - electronic form of a summary.Convenient she candidates applying for a specific job, and employers - such a document will not be lost, will be reviewed in time and delivering it will not take long.However, this form of filling resume is very different from the other, so when you create should take into account certain rules dictated by the need to not only read the prepared text of autobiography, but also to transfer it to the destination.Text resume should be created in a standard computer program text, font Ā«CourierĀ» and without any special characters (asterisks, dashes or plus).The summary should be large capital letters highlighted the personal data of the applicant (full name) and a few key words necessary for checking the documents with special programs selection.

thoroughly checked and proofread the document should be saved in a text file, and then transformed into text using a special file ASCII.You can then test the opening and saving resumes and paste it in the body of a message sent by e-mail organization.

effectiveness of certain forms

Probably not worth mentioning that the handwritten form of resume is not the ideal option submission by the applicant of his candidacy.The paper, written by hand, obviously losing documents electronically or typed on a computer and printed out.Choose one of these two options should be a requirement Recruitment or HR organization - often in advertisements for job vacancies offered by the preferred method of submission is mentioned separately.