Types of lawn, lawn classification and characteristics of each species.

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Nothing refines countryside as lovely green grass, playing a myriad of sparks in the morning dew or whispering quietly under the breath of a light evening breeze.So beautiful lawn is an integral part of the arrangement yard or garden.Various types of lawns let you arrange any part of the area, regardless of the soil, shading, or other features.Even in the most difficult terrain area can give it to green or blooming.

Classification lawns

Classification lawns and characteristics of each type will help determine their choice in the regeneration area near the house, garden or areas requiring landscaping.Depending on the functionality, the grass can be divided into three main groups:

- decorative;

- sports;

- special.

Group ornamental lawn has many species and is the most popular.The grass of this type can be seen near houses, villas, parks and other recreational areas.It consists of a special species of plants, which, thanks to a very rapid widening creates a thick carpet of magnificent greenery.

sports turf consists of very hardy to loads of herbs.They are used in the fields intended for sports activities or competitions.

herbal Special coatings are designed not only for landscaping.They perform certain functions, which determines the place of their use.

main selection criteria lawn

current market can offer various types of lawns, the correct choice of which depends on the harmony of the entire landscape design.There are several criteria that guided every site owner will be able to arrange the most suitable lawn:

- it is important to determine the function of the lawn: it is purely decorative, intended for recreation or sports;

- need to find out what degree of shading areas designated under the lawn;

- free time lawn care: some types of turf require systematic trimming;

- availability of funds: the price of arrangement depends on the quality of the materials used;

- which will be used types of lawn: Perennial or annual, natural or artificial.

For complete confidence in your choice you can read reviews of grass and at the same time learn the peculiarities of care.It is useful to consult a specialist, who will help you choose the right lawn.Types of lawn, lawn grasses and their mixtures have unique characteristics that should be considered.Since the cost of these herbs is high enough to be safe, to ensure the good reputation of the company in which they are sold.

kinds of decorative lawns

Depending on the destination, and mixtures of plants used for the turf, ornamental lawns can be divided into several types:

1) Ground - the lawn is very high quality, which requires careful maintenance.To create low-growing herbs used with thin leaves and tender shoots: thin and pobegonosnaya bentgrass, perennial ryegrass, red fescue and other grass species.They grow very well and bushes, making the lawn of this type has a high density and a velvety surface that suppresses the proliferation of weeds.You can find different types of lawns in the area near the houses, but a ground is always on the most visible places.It perfectly combines elements of landscape design and perfectly underlines the architectural features of buildings.

2) The park lawn commonly used for landscaping parks and gardens.It is slightly inferior to the ground, but still has excellent quality.Herbs are used for this type of lawn have the same color and have a high density.For a mixture of seeds often take these herbs: Minty meadow, forest or oblate, reygrasa pasture, sheep fescue and red, Jerzy team.For dense turf uniform shading in areas of the added seeds of white clover.The park lawn is resistant to trampling, it can be used on the territory of recreation.

3) Meadow turf is often used for landscaping of gardens, parks or recreation areas.The mixture is composed of grasses with added seeds of some plants flowering meadow.Haircut spend about twice a year.To create a bright meadow seed coating composition a mixture of Moorish lawn.

4) Almost all kinds of used lawn in the country or outside the house require shearing.And if the time for such care is not?Then, the ideal option would be a Moorish lawn.It is also called flowering, because in addition it includes grass and flowering herbs.To a lawn looked bright for a long time, pick up the plants, which change each other during the flowering period.The composition of the mixture usually includes lupins, cornflowers, daisies, poppies and other flowering herbs.It is worth noting that such a lawn is not suitable for the front part of the yard: flower beds, rock gardens and other design elements will be invisible on its background.

sports turf Features

sports turf created from grasses, which are able to carry heavy loads and to recover quickly.Ingredients used for gardening fields or playgrounds mixture depends on the kind of sport.For example, to use a football field red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and bentgrass.These plants produce a thick coating, and regardless of the weather conditions, quickly germinate.

To create a cover on the tennis court apply one type of cereal grass.The field must be absolutely flat and the grass - low tonsured.

Equipping golf courses, lawn often use a combination of different types of fescues.Herbs of this kind is quite unpretentious, well tolerate shading and drought.

for everything playground near the house or garden you can use any type of lawn intended for sports fields.After all, their main quality is resistant to trampling, and it will have a beautiful playground for sports activities.

special functions lawns

Special lawns are created with specific goals.On the slopes and the slopes are used herbs have a very strong root system.With this strengthened the nearby soil.

Special lawns different ability to absorb harmful substances in large quantities.Because of this quality are often used near the gas station, roads and railways, industrial enterprises.They are also perfectly absorb noise, resulting in their use near airfields and sites for helicopters.

Bookmark lawn

bookmarks lawn should be treated very carefully.The quality of its implementation will depend on the final outcome.It can be divided into three stages:

- soil preparation;

- sowing;

- service.

first stage is quite labor intensive.For the arrangement of the lawn need to plow the land and clear it from the roots and debris.You can do this by sifting the soil.It is important to ensure that fertile soil is not less than 20 cm. This will ensure good growth of grass cover.The treated area should be completely smooth.Its sure to rolled-in.

next step is to weed control.The easiest way to get rid of them by treatment with herbicides complex action.You can also clear the ground by systematic plowing.

Purpose of lawn also need to fertilize the soil and carefully watered.This is best done for two weeks before sowing to the soil is well saturated with useful substances.

Immediately before sowing the land should be loosened.This can be done using a rake.Sowing the seeds can be manually or a special drill.The second option will provide a uniform distribution of seeds on the whole territory and ensure the future of the beauty of the lawn.It plays an important role if you prefer the combined types of lawns, photos of which can be seen below.

first shoots appear in a couple of days, and in three weeks the land will be covered with soft greens.When the grass reaches a height of 10 cm, it is necessary to hold the first mowing.Cut should be done in dry weather, to avoid damaging the turf.


If the cultivation of the lawn for some reason can not or house or villa owner wants as soon as possible to arrange a garden or yard, you can order the turf.It is grown in the nursery for several years.When the turf is growing well, with the top layer of grass land, in which it has its roots, cut by special machines.Thereafter, turf is rolled into rolls and delivered to the customer.

Turf unpretentious as ground cover is fully formed even in the nursery.He also has no weeds, and will delight the eye just lush velvety grass.This cover is very convenient to use on complex terrain.

Types turf

like sowing, turf vary, depending on the mixture of herbs and purpose:

- decorative;

- sports;

- special.

Any type of turf allows you to quickly green the area and prepare the land for the specialized use.It is advantageous to use a coil coating in gardens and courtyards with a large shaded.In such places the seeds germinate irregularly and seeding the lawn for a long time does not get the desired look.But just roll will delight thick grass.It really is a great solution.

If the submitted kinds of turf are not satisfied with the consumer, it may order the turf of custom blend of herbs.They will best fit his preferences.

How to choose the turf?

purchasing turf, you should pay attention to the quality of products and go directly to the supplier company to verify the status of the turf.It is necessary to unroll a roll, pick up and shake it.The plate thus should retain its shape, does not crumble and break.If the root system is well formed, the thickness of the plate is about 9 cm.

worth to know more about the composition of herbs used and the conditions in which grow lawn.It is important to make sure that the cut has been made properly and roots are not badly damaged.Otherwise, the turf is simply not accustomed.

Laying turf

for laying turf roll the soil must first be prepared.It must be cleared of debris.If the ground is too many remnants of building materials, it is better to sift or replace the fertility.Also it is necessary to get rid of weeds in the designated areas.

After cleaning the soil should be leveled, loosen and lightly compacted.Perfect horizontal surface is the key to beautiful and smooth lawn.A week before laying turf is necessary to fertilize the land.

plates stacked turf dense rows like brickwork.Each roll compacted special roller.If the lawn turns rough, you need to pick it up and pour or remove excess soil.Align the edges should be sharp spade or knife.

important to understand that the rolls of turf should settle down, so the turf should be plenty of water for 10 days.When the grass take root, it can be watered as needed.Two weeks after installation you need to spend a haircut.

Artificial Turf and its variants

Beautiful alternative to natural grass was the artificial turf.It is used for landscaping of places where it is practically impossible to grow natural grass.Artificial turf can be used not only for open areas.More and more designers use it in decorating homes.

There are different types of artificial turf:

- decorative - used in the design to simulate natural grass;

- sports - designed everything for sports fields.

Artificial turf species are gaining popularity due to long service life and high level of durability.This coating is cheaper natural, easy to care and be green throughout the year.

laying artificial turf

Before laying the artificial turf surface must be cleaned of debris.Leveling the ground should make a small slope for water drainage.Expanding the plate should be lapped.This will provide a complete coincidence edges.If the edges appear, you can trim and glue special tape or staples.The coating lightly tamped.The edges of the lawn can be fixed with special plinths or curbs.To ensure good adhesion to the artificial grass land abundantly watered.

Knowing all types, kinds of lawns can green the countryside, giving it well-maintained appearance.Yard and Garden of any house or villa will look amazing, and its residents will be able to rest on the soft grass, or to engage in her favorite sports.