How do I delete a game in the "Classmates" quickly and without problems

modern age of computers and Internet technology has swept the world.People began to spend more time at home on the computer than on the street walk or get-togethers with friends.The Internet has become a virtual substitute live communication.You do not have somewhere to assemble, and to get involved in the process - just enter your login details, enter the account - and the connection is established.Then just select the contact for communication, and rushed.You can communicate both by correspondence and by means of video calling.There are a number of popular programs and portals on the Internet for such a pastime.Video communication is provided via "Skype" and correspondence - using ICQ, Viber and other various chat rooms and social networking.However, just to name social networking chat it is impossible, as it is a set of options.The most popular social networks are considered to be "Facebook", "Twitter", "VKontakte" and "Classmates".

About site "Classmates"

"Classmates" - a vast social network, operating throughout the world, but, basically, combining post-Soviet countries.It is possible to register by entering your personal data:

  • Locations.
  • Age.
  • Marital status.
  • Education.
  • Company.
  • Hobby.
  • Other.

is also possible to upload your photos and share them with other users.Why is all this necessary?"Classmates" are a place to socialize with friends and family, where you can not just say something, but also to show.Therefore, it is not necessary to call someone to visit or to go by - just enter in your profile, find the user, and start chatting.

more "Classmates" provide an opportunity to create interest groups and regularly show the participants as amended.In a situation where there is too much time and do nothing, save the mini-games.To start the game, just to find a suitable game in the list shown and enter it.The game will be automatically added to the list of games of the user.But what to do when the game tired?How do I delete a game in the "Classmates"?This was on.

Removing games from your profile

In order to figure out how to remove the game in the "Classmates", first you must enter the user account and find the tab "Games" at the top of the screen.Here is the complete list of games that have ever been run this uchetki.It happens that the game is already tired, but always sends an invitation to participate, so the removal of the game in the "Classmates" can be a real escape from the annoying messages.Especially hard for parents of young children who start playing with their accounts - the games are usually very much, and many of them send alerts.And now, in fact, how to remove the game in the "Classmates".In the list of installed games in a need, and when you hover over its icon pops up a window in which you need to click the "Delete" and confirm your selection.It is done.More it will not be disturbed.

Remove applications and individual elements

figure out how to remove the game in the "Classmates", still need to know how to remove different applications and page elements.Differences between games and applications do not have - they are installed the same way.Games - is the same application, so the removal process will be exactly the same.Now that you know how to remove the game in the "Classmates".

To remove pictures log into the album, select the required photos and click on the menu below the basket.