"Batelfild Hardline" System Requirements as usual exaggerated

All probably already heard about a relatively new and extremely propiarenny product from Electronic Arts - Battlefield Hardline.Internet advertising space filled video showing us the spectacular chase on sports cars, dynamic shooting, incredible graphics.But what are the system requirements "batelfild Hardline" and it peerless this game?

game and its advertising

good product advertising is not necessary - it is an indisputable fact.Exhibition of multimedia products, and so on are designed to notify all future updates and developer blogs allow fans to follow the latest news.But as soon as the market appears "gray sheep," it is where the chaos begins.Visiting a social network or doing research on the Internet, it is difficult not to stumble on some advertising a cheap project.That's Battlefield Hardline blended among themselves.

In comparison with the previous games of the series Battlefield, novelty really need in this advertisement, and the reasons for this lack.For a start it is worth noting that players first beta viewed as a supplement to the Battlefield 4 and were surprised when EA announced that a completely new game.Why surprised?Because Graphically, the game is no different from its predecessor and had a similar system requirements.


With a number of disadvantages and low ratings after the beta test, Battlefield Hardline still came out on schedule.But wishing to purchase the game had already diminished.The fact is that the new product is much more expensive cost of previous games in the series.Negative reviews about the game only increased, but sales could not cover spent on development funds.To date, there are discounts on the game, and you can buy a kit, which includes Battlefield Hardline.The acquisition of this collection (bundle) will significantly save on the purchase of two games in the series.

System requirements

Development Battlefield Hardline was conducted taking into account the output not only on PCs but also on consoles, and this too was another nail in the coffin of the project.Imagine the situation.It turns out the new sensational project - "batelfild Hardline" system requirements which are no different from its predecessor, but the picture is far worse than in Battlefield 4. And indeed, displayed on the screen is not even close to the last game of the series.Previous versions were developed for personal computers, and then fell in a shortened form on the console.The previous policy of the company was much closer to the players.

However, even before the release of the game "batelfild Hardline" system requirements provided in each game resources, unpleasantly surprised players.Later it turned out that the game works fine on weaker systems.This indicates clearly excessive system requirements Battlefield Hardline.Where did the initial requirements for computer hardware, history is silent.All well and understands why such manipulation is done.Later

requirements have changed.Even systems with low capacity to cope with the "batelfild Hardline".System requirements, relevant today, is quite high, but they should not scare you, because optimization of the game makes it comfortable to play at a slower computers.

above are formal requests to the performance of the iron placed on the game "batelfild Hardline".System requirements are actually much lower.


One of the key features of the game is a new setting, which radically changes the idea of ​​the series Battlefield.The basic idea of ​​the game was the confrontation between the security forces and heavily armed bandits.This idea gave birth to new game modes that best fit into the new setting.Chase, robbery, sirens and shooting at breakneck speed will satisfy fans of the genre.

Despite the low popularity of the server to find all the downtrodden is not difficult.The road to success is through the police cordon.