The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wants to be a boy!

As we know, the famous Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt yet - six children, relatives and foster.

According to parents, they are all wonderful and talented, but a four-year daughter Shiloh - the original of all.The fact that this girl wants to be a boy, demanding to dress and cut it accordingly.

So, Jolie admitted to the press that her daughter Shiloh nasty dress and long hair.

«She just wants to be a boy, - says Angelina.- For 4-year-old girls at Shiloh a very strong character and developed willpower, and we can not stop her look the way she wants.She loves to dress like a boy in overalls and suits, in hateful Montenegrin style, she wants to take it all with one of the brothers. "

«One evening we called Shiloh, asked her short haircut and said that she was not going to have long hair just because someone thinks so be it" - says Jolie.

However, the actress did not worry about it."We just let Brad Shiloh to be herself - says Angelina.- I know, many believe that children need to look a certain way and act in the Related to our expectations, but I think kids should be allowed to dress and express themselves the way they want. "

Jolie is proud of his daughter and felt it part of their creative potential."Shiloh can be incredibly expressive, she is very artistic nature, fun-loving and talkative - these are the first signs of the actor - says the star.- I'm her age dressed up in different costumes and make their "performance."

However, no less proud of Jolie and her other children - because she believes that every child is unique.

eldest son of Jolie and Pitt, 8-year-old Maddox from Cambodia (actress adopted him before I met Brad), according to Angelina, "true intellectual, well in school, especially succeeds in history, wants to be a writer or travelthe world to learn a lot. "

The star family - two other adoptees: 6-year-old Pax from Vietnam and the 5-year Zahara from Ethiopia.About Zahara Jolie says: "It - an amazing voice, maybe it will become a singer.In addition, it is elegant and well talking. "

The youngest children of stars, twins Knox and Vivienne - almost two years old, his mother calls them "classic boy and girl.""She's very feminine, and he - a real little man," - says Jolie.

course, Jolie admits that raising six children at once is not easy, even a rich star."Sometimes we feel the need Brad to be together, then have to leave their children with nannies to go for an evening or retire in another part of the house", - says the actress.

While Angelina denies rumors of her new pregnancy."We are not going to expand the family at the moment - she says.- The main thing that we have enough time for each of our children - they grow and require more of our attention and communication with parents. "

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