How to clear the history in the "Skype" without extra effort?

"Skype" - a program that makes our lives easier and more convenient.Through it possible to carry calls around the world, free of charge.It is only necessary to have an internet connection.In this article you will learn how to delete history in the "Skype".Maybe you do not want other users of the computer to read your messages, or there is any other reason.This can be done quickly and easily.First you need to figure out where the settings of the history of "Skype".Just to get to them, we will be able to gain access to its removal.

Where can I find the story of "Skype"?

First you need to figure out where is the history of the messages in "Skype".To find it, you need the top panel to select "Tools".By clicking on it, you need to select "Settings."Also, to save time, you can use hot keys."Skype" has a lot of those.In this case, just press the combination "Ctrl" + ",".Thus the result will be the same as if the enter manually.

So, before you setup menu "Skype".You can change the various functions.But we

are interested in how to clear the history in the "Skype", so we choose the "Security" section.There you can view information about the established standard settings and change them.Including where you can clear the history of communications in the "Skype".

Security Settings

security settings, you can put a variety of functions.For example, you can specify from whom you want to receive calls - from all users "Skype" or only by those whom you have taken in your contacts.You can specify from whom will automatically take video or chat.And see what happens to your story.The "Skype" can stand up to you delete the history of each week, month.And you can not remove it completely.You can also make "Skype" is not to preserve the history of your messages at all.In the second tab Security you can see the list of blocked users (from whom you do not wish to receive messages).Also in this section you can block someone from your contacts if you need it.

How to clear the history in the "Skype"?

To do this you need to perform the actions that have been mentioned above.That is, go to "Tools", then - in the "Settings" and select "Security" to get to the story.There you will be able to clean it.Before you press the button cleanse history, should decide how long you want to delete it.Having defined this issue, you can safely press the "Clear History."Sometimes it may take some time, because in the "Skype" can be a lot of messages, and to delete them all may take a few minutes.But before you clean the whole story is worth several times to think.Perhaps there is information that would be required to keep.Therefore, it is worth remembering, is not stored if you have information that may be useful to you in the future.When you have figured out how to clear the history in the "Skype", perhaps you have a question about how to delete the history of only one contact.This will TELL the following sections of the article.

How to clear the history in the "Skype" one contact?

Maybe you're wondering how to remove only the history of your communication with one another?Unfortunately, this feature is "Skype" is missing.Often on the Internet you can find programs that offer this service.But money that really works, no.So, unfortunately, this is not possible.But there is one way out.The "Skype" you can delete individual messages sent to you.Thus, you can delete all your messages.Of course, it will take a lot of time, but if you really need it, you only have a way out.If it does not suit you, you have to clean the whole history of "Skype".And for the future, it is desirable, in order not to experience such a situation, disable saving history.

How to remove or amend the same message?

As stated in an article in the "Skype" you can delete messages sent to you.Also, you can edit them.If you are writing a message when make a mistake, you can by clicking the right mouse button, the context menu and select "Edit Message" to correct it.If you want to completely remove this message, you can also do it.While it will be removed, not only in your "Skype".The user to whom you sent the message, and will not be able to read it.To do this, right-mouse click on the message you want, and choose to "Delete".Once you get the confirmation window of your actions.Thus it is possible to delete messages and correct them.

We hope this article has helped you to deal with the question of how to clear the history in the "Skype", and you can easily perform this action.