Leonardo da Vinci: the golden section briefly

human consciousness tirelessly committed to the ideal.Height is nepokorima, because the mystery is not solved perfect.Ode party perfect in our world engaged in Leonardo da Vinci.Golden Section, which became the theme of this article is closely linked with the name of this genius.

Golden Section - the secrets of our consciousness?

Although we believe our actions are fully aware of, thinking about some everyday actions, we can in this question.

For example, imagine an ordinary park bench on which we want to sit down.Where do we sit?In the center bench or lightly against the edge?Almost certainly it happens a third option.We sit down, so that the ratio of the formed parts of the bench was about 1.62.So we feel comfortable in the thoughts and feelings will be harmony.This - the attraction to the ideal person.It is - to reach the golden section.

about ideal proportions in everything that surrounds us, a lot of ancient sages reasoned.Egyptians, Indians, Chinese - so different ancient civilizations, and ideas about the ideal is converged to the golden section.Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras founded a school dedicated to the essence of the golden section.Even the concept of Aristotle's ethics were compared with perfect harmony.

In the Middle Ages to the essence of the ideal turned his attention to mechanical genius, scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci.Golden Ratio, displaying them in the world famous picture "Vitruvian Man".

Inheriting supreme harmony

Famous artists have a lot of experience of ancient masters.Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci epitomized the golden ratio in his paintings.According to the creators, respecting the right proportions, you can achieve beauty in the picture.

What we are witnessing in the samples of ancient architecture.Everywhere around the globe different civilizations held some proportions.

emergence of the term

emergence of the term "golden ratio" is attributed to the works of Pythagoras (6th century BC. E.).He, in turn, adopted the doctrine of the ideal proportions in the more ancient peoples - the Babylonians, the Egyptians.

first golden section mentions in his "Principia" Euclid.In one of the books he takes the geometric scheme of construction of the gold division.After a perfectly proportioned shapes Gipiskl engaged in the 2nd century BC.e.In Europe, this knowledge came in the Middle Ages through the Arabic translation of Euclidean "beginning."

text translator John Navarre. Campano written comments to the translated texts "beginning."Apparently, it shows a great mystery of life that could affect her.Information about the golden section in Europe for some time was available only to the elite.

"Vitruvian Man"

Name Brand Vitruvius and achievements today, little is known, despite his discovery.Irony of fate is that if Da Vinci painted an illustration of what he wrote in his "Ten Books" Roman proportions of the human body, that of Vitruvius we could forget all.Thus the genius of a genius immortalized another.The sending

golden section by Leonardo da Vinci - the proportions of the human body, which can be inscribed in geometric shapes, symbols (square and circle, about which we have already spoken).Image "Vitruvian Man" - that is encrypted golden ratio, according to the researchers question.We know that even their record da Vinci loved to code and with the clue of ideal proportions.

golden section by Leonardo da Vinci: what lies in the code?

In the image "Vitruvian Man" made to perceive the two bodies - the two figures, one of which fits into the circle, and the other - in the square.Interpretation of such a composition is as follows.

Square - a symbol of the earth, so the author shows the attachment to the earthly human, material.Center of the square is in the groin.

circle - a symbol of the divine, including the divine origin of man.The figure, which is in the disk does not contain dashes, that is not measured.Since the phenomenon of the divine, and this figure can not be measured.Circle center - the navel of man.

According to modern concepts, see only two figures in the "Vitruvian Man" - too flat.In fact, in the picture you can see so much more.And that's not all mysteries to solve this puzzle.

Attention is also drawn to the feet of the figures standing in a circle (divine).They stand on a plane, go beyond the circle.This seems to be a symbol of what a person gravitates to the earth, in spite of his divine dimension.

on materials left by Leonardo da Vinci, the golden section, in short, is seen in the human body.Again, in the image of "Vitruvian Man," concluded the aspiration of people of that time to the dais.The great genius saw and tried to convey to other generations deep meaning, seen them in our nature.

Another famous creation, displaying Leonardo da Vinci golden section - "Mona Lisa."Her enigmatic smile incredibly fascinates millions of spectators.

origins appearance drawing "Vitruvian Man"

In a very old but unforgotten days in the 1st century BC, the Roman Vitruvius wrote his "Ten Books" - work, dedicated to Emperor Augustus.But except for the assistance, the book contains valuable advice in the field of architecture.

Books Vitruvius did not become known during his lifetime.But the remarkable fact that he started talking about the aesthetics of architecture, ergonomic designs.The latter is very important because in our time engineers and architects are designing their creations based on the data of the human body to make use of the convenient designs.In addition, Vitruvius designed aqueduct - water-supply system, greatly improve the life of the Roman city.

But one of the "Ten books" Vitruvius dedicated to the human body.For the first time I raised the question of proportions and a certain division, making it close to ideal.I read this book that man fits perfectly into a square shape.The latter - essentially all over the map.Also, a person can be inscribed in a circle - a symbol of the divine.Thus, a person close to God and close to such philosophizing spirit of the era.

Look again at how the golden ratio depicted by Leonardo da Vinci.Images that can be found in many books, give the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the code and try to see the answer to the formula.

Andrea and Giacomo da Vinci: who is the true creator?

famous image of "Vitruvian Man" Da Vinci gained immense popularity.But, as evidenced by various historical sources, may find the idea of ​​the golden section of the human body was not Leonardo.Here the important role played by each artist - Giacomo Andrea, whose fate was extremely tragic.

Giacomo was also made to the book of Vitruvius illustration showing the perfect line dividing the human body.If you compare it with the creation of da Vinci, the similarity will be noticed immediately.But that's not all the facts.

on results, researchers saw the image changes: someone corrected him, apparently bringing to their subjective ideal.In addition, the image of authorship Giacomo Andrea older than Leonardo da Vinci.Plus the latest creation to create "clean", without amendment, with a light hand.So, if he did it from memory.

Yet as events unfolded according to historians, art critics, whom more interesting the different passions that seethed in the science and art of the time.On the genius of the artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, the golden section in the presentation which we are considering, it is not necessary to argue, therefore, not surprising that his "Vitruvian Man" is drawn from the first time.

Golden Section in the usual and unusual things

In inanimate nature formula of the golden section is not visible.But all living things created by nature, constantly follows the law of beauty.If we look around, we see that the most attractive and pleasing to us phenomena correspond to the proportions of the golden section from the petals of a flower, sea shell with lots of curls, decreasing to the center just at the right value to the beautiful human body, which so brilliantly demonstrated the golden sectionLeonardo da Vinci.

principle of the golden division heritage and contemporary artists, photographers, sculptors and designers.It is still not fully understood, but it makes use of any thing more attractive.This is his grand aesthetic component.


mystery of the golden ratio - the highest harmony, beauty-giving, simple and inaccessible overnight.He embodied the essence we see in our daily life and in the simple natural things, which are accustomed to ignore.

Great minds, the most ardent seekers of the mysteries of existence, such as Einstein, guessed the exact value of the gold division.However, further than an infinite number of digits after the scratch, yet no one moved ... So what conclusions can we do?Just those which repeats the wisdom of the ages: nothing is perfect.But the ideal to strive for the creation of the highest beauty, the disclosure of the secrets of this world and our consciousness with you.