Gourmet food with their own hands

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unusual project in catering called Recipease appeared in the UK.Recipease combines a grocery store and a school of culinary arts.His clients come to choose a dish prepared using pre-prepared food, kitchen utensils and assistance personnel establishment.

make an application to the desired time of the visit and come into the store, the customer is already prepared ingredients (washed, cooked, shredded ...).At his disposal fully equipped kitchen and recipes using ingredients that the customer brings to the state of the finished food.On request, the chef consultant watching his work and helps when needed.Service is organized so that each dish takes about 10 minutes.The menu includes dishes of meat and fish, salads, desserts, and is updated every two months.

addition to food preparation, the project offers training for clients of different levels of training.This is a seminar for new kitchen (including children), teaching the basics of relations with blanks from the supermarket;this course for those who want to be able to prepare their own magnificent meal;as well as seminars for aces kitchen and restaurant business who want to improve their skills.

now in London opened its first restaurant Recipease, but its founder Jamie Oliver (Jamie Oliver), renowned chef and showman has serious plans for business development.

dishes offered on the menu Recipease, quite refined.The prices for food made with their own hands, well below the prices of restaurants.Perhaps this is a good way to spend time for those who like to eat, is not afraid of pots and pans and ready to spend their precious minutes on cooking.Note that in the created conditions very pleasant and can be the process of cooking.

Advantages of the project: the ability to learn and actually cook food restaurant nearly level, paying only for the products and spending a minimum of time.We all love to be proud of their achievements, and Recipease gives a pleasant opportunity to do it more often.

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