The liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945

battle for the liberation of Czechoslovakia began in September 1944.At that time, the Soviet army entered the territory of the country.Consider further how the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945. Photos battles will also be shown in the article.

Historical information

Soviet army had liberated almost the entire territory of Slovakia.The Germans were driven out of the capital, Bratislava, the major industrial centers of Brno and the Moravian Ostrava.The grouping of the Wehrmacht was defeated, Berlin fell.All this led to the collapse of the German war machine.It acts on the Italian and Western Fronts fascist troops ceased resistance.German soldiers began to surrender.It was spring of 1945.The liberation of Czechoslovakia was the next step to the overall goal - to destroy fascism.The German troops were still on its territory and continue to a stubborn defense.

liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945: the German positions

In early May, on line 1, 3, 4, and 2 nd Ukrainian fronts at the turn of Šternberk, Krnov, Striegau, Kamenz, Wurzen, west of Stockerau, gloggnitz Brnokept the defense forces of the group "Center".He commanded them, Field Marshal Schemer.Together with them, the resistance of the forces exerted from "Austria".They are led by General Rendulic.Total defense kept 65 divisions, fifteen separate regiments and 3 teams.The main forces of the enemy were in front of the left wing and the center of the 1st Ukrainian Front.They acted on the basis of a powerful defense, prepared in advance.Before the right flank of the enemy's resistance was weaker, the line of contact between the armies was unstable.On the directions of the second and fourth Ukrainian Front had enemy fortifications field type, formed in the tactical depth.Using powerful prepared positions, the Nazis continued resistance.In some areas, German forces even undertook a counterattack.

General political situation in Germany

Fascist leadership by the end of the war still possessed large enough force.Not wanting under any circumstances recognize the hopelessness of the situation, monopolistic circles and the ruling elite continued to follow the previously planned policy.The German government tried to conclude a separate deal with Britain and the United States.Thus, it was supposed to separate the allies more time to save their state.Denitskoe government intends to delay the advance of the Soviet army in the western territories.In this opened to free passage to the West, it would be followed by the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, the Americans and British.In addition, the US and UK troops could occupy most of the territory of Austria and Germany.In this regard, the order was given fascist armed forces.It said that due to the fact that the fight against Western countries has become meaningless, it is necessary to lay down arms in the Netherlands, Denmark and North-West Germany.At the same time fighting on the Eastern Front was ordered to continue.

Meeting fascist leadership

in Moravia and Bohemia was growing national liberation movement.What greatly complicated the situation of fascist armies in these areas.The liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945.accompanied by an active guerrilla struggle of the local people.Thus, the beginning of March, there were 20 national liberation organizations, groups and teams.They involved more than 7700 volunteers.The fascist leadership has repeatedly discussed the situation in Czechoslovakia.May 3rd convened a regular meeting.On it, except for members of the government denitskogo attended Jodl, Keitel, Frank (governor of Bohemia and Moravia), as well as chief of staff association "Center" army Natsmer.The situation was hopeless troops.However, contrary to common sense, the Nazi leadership considered that the surrender of troops on the eastern front is impossible.At the meeting, discussing the plight of the army Schoerner, while agreeing that the situation forces him to lay down their arms, nevertheless decided to continue the resistance.German leadership understands that if the troops surrender, all the forces of Germany will be at the mercy of Russian.In this regard, the previous decision to hold waiting position was confirmed at the meeting.At the same time supposed to start training of Army Group "Center" for the withdrawal to the west and surrender to US troops.

liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945 (briefly)

situation that has developed in the military and political arena by the end of April - early May, demanded urgent action.The liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, began before the moment was over the defeat of the enemy group in Berlin.Supreme High Command decided to launch the Prague operation.May 1-2, in some cities, Czechoslovakia underwent spontaneous demonstrations against the Nazis.Gradually, they began to acquire a more organized form.The liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945 was facilitated by a very advantageous position of the Soviet troops.To act on the territory of the country was surrounded by the enemy group from the southeast, east and north.It acted Army 1st, 2nd and 4th Ukrainian Fronts.First troops were on the 650-kilometer line between Krnov and Potsdam.

right flank and center

They began to regroup and prepare for an offensive in the direction of Prague.As part of the troops present strength of the second Polish Army, 3rd and 4th Panzer, 1, 3, 4, 5 Guards, 7th mechanized corps, as well as 52, 28, 13 th Army.At the same time, the forces of the left wing kept the defense on the border north of Krnov, west Levenberg.Sixth Army continued blocking garrison of Breslau.Ground troops supported the Second Air Army.She commanded Krasovsky.The main force aircraft also redirect to the liberation of Czechoslovakia.In 1945, acting between Krnov and Vsetin in the band of 220 kilometers, 4th Ukrainian Front as part of the 31st Panzer Corps, 1, 38, 60 Guards Regiment and the 18th Army, he finished the Moravian-Ostrava operation.On this line of support to ground forces provided 8th Air Force.It was part of the 1st Czechoslovak Mixed Air Division.Since March 26, the Front's forces were under the command Eremenko.The band width of 350 km from Vsetín to korneuburg district, the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, the army held the 2nd Ukrainian Front.In the right wing there were 6, 53, 40 th Guards Tank 1 and 4th Romanian Army under Atanasiu and Deskelesku.Troops advanced towards Olomouc, meet Army 4th Ukrainian Front.The remaining forces (1st Guards mechanized cavalry group Pliev, the 46th Army and the 7th Guards) were aimed at defense.At the front there are 23 reserve Panzer Corps.From the air, the ground troops who carried out the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, on the right flank, supported 5th aviation army.


liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945 was held at the 1220-kilometer strip.By early May, participated in the operation of three Ukrainian Front of 20 combined arms (among whom were two Romanian and Polish), 3 air and 3 Panzer Army, 5 armored, cavalry and mechanized corps and mechanized cavalry group.The number of Soviet soldiers exceeded fascist more than doubled.The number of tanks was approximately the same.A decisive advantage in the domestic army had artillery and aviation.There were three times our superiority.Due to the favorable overall military and political situation, thanks to the vantage point on the front line Soviet troops in a short time held the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945.