Nurses in the Great Patriotic War: biography, last names, uniforms, role, feat

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The countries that participated in the Second World War, along with men and women serve voluntarily.In terms of logistics, they have taken over many responsibilities.Women participated in the maintenance of military equipment, resistance groups, working in factories and so on.Many of them were victims of the occupation and bombing.Hundreds of thousands of them went voluntarily to the front as nurses and doctors.Nurses in the Great Patriotic War (photos of some of them will be presented in the article) is not only carried out their medical debt, and, if necessary, together with the soldiers went into battle or exploration.

Hrustaleva Tanya

In the 90 years from the village nearby. Urganskom Dubrovka in the area were reburied the remains of fighters.They were buried between the hamlet and Dr. Alexander. Kurakin in a mass grave.From mid-July to late August 1943, it was located in the forest field surgical hospital moving.Among reburied soldier singled out the name of one nurse.During the Great Patriotic War Hrustaleva Tanya was a nurse.However, her real name was Tamara.1927 - the year of birth of the nurses.During World War II she, like many others, voluntarily went to the front.On the day of her death - 4 August 1943 - she was 16 years old.

Feature Khrustalyova

major mark on the activities of the soldiers are in the premium sheets.Characteristics of the nurse during WWII is actively involved in social work, very positive.As the recording Hrustaleva was diligent and responsibility, respect and prestige, despite his age.The activities of the nurse during the Second World War, repeatedly noted the command of the hospital.In April 1943, he became a member of the Komsomol Hrustaleva.She was the daughter of a simple worker, who died in the Great Patriotic War of Rzhev.


4 August 1943 in the course of their duties Hrustaleva died.German aircraft bombed the area where the hospital was located.Remnant bomb struck the breast nurse.During World War II it was presented to the medal "For Service in Battle" posthumously.This award is handed over to her mother.

Tkachev Praskovja Leontievna

feat difficult to overestimate the nurses during the Great Patriotic War.Women dragged on himself wounded in the shelter, covered them from enemy bullets.Nurse Tkachev was one of them.During the shelling, she saw a fire in the therapeutic department.Surgical building had already been destroyed, and there were about 80 people.In addition, the dressing was broken, burned pantry.When the shelling began to appear wounded.Many of the soldiers were made on the eve of the operation, and to move independently, they could not.From battalion commissar Tkachev was ordered to transfer patients to the nearest earth mound.Before the first of his series of surgical building was about 100-150 meters.Next was a semicircle the second row, and behind it - the farmyard, hidden on three sides.Exerting all his strength, Tkachev rescued the wounded and sick from death.From the second floor, where the soldiers were deployed after surgery, she was able to make twenty.Returning once again, the nurse saw that the rest of the aid is no longer needed.Under fire, and he broke down the wall collapsed, burying dozens of people to death.Total managed to save about 28 persons.But people needed dressings, water, clothes, medicines.Tkacheva had to run a few more times in the blazing room.Brought supplies did not last long.Bandages over - in the course went sheets, leg wrappings, pillowcases.Soon, over and water.Soldiers were dying forces left the wounded.At noon, the Germans were close enough to the casemate with smoke bombs.Several Red Army suffocated.The shelling continued, Tkachev was wounded by shrapnel.

Evdokia Rovnyagina

feat nurses during World War II - an example of courage and valor of Soviet women.Their work inspired the soldiers gave them strength.Unfortunately, about Evdokia Rovnyaginoy remained little information.More than ten hours she spent on the front line in the midst of the defense as a soldier and a nurse.During the Great Patriotic War, the names of the heroes who died in battle, were entered into the logs kept by the commanders.Witnesses death Rovnyaginoy were Tkachev and Savin.Evdokia was smitten by a bullet in the afternoon during the shelling.

Alexander Savin

June 22 in the morning there was a roar of cannon fire.Alexander Savin was in this time when on duty at home.The fortress is under attack - the walls were crumbling, falling furniture, flew out the window openings.Alexander took all his documents, Komsomol card including, dressed quickly and headed for the infectious disease clinic.However, the building of housing was destroyed.

combat orders

Together with other Savina was tasked to evacuate from the destroyed building Wounded and Sick in an earth mound.The Nazis sweep the entire territory, which is a hospital, and from the air and from the ground.Stretcher with sick nurses had to drag along the ground, some men pulled in capes, blankets.To evacuate the soldiers used all that is.Saving soldiers Savina sometimes lingered briefly in the funnels, waiting, when will gunfire.After the soldiers were stationed in the shaft, Alexander was ordered to stock up on drugs, bandages, gauze and other dressing.She went back into the office, but to enter it failed.As soon as she came out of hiding, the Germans appeared.Savin decided to hide in the bushes to wait a little bit and go further.At this time, the machine gunners destroyed the Nazis.Alexander returned to the shaft with anything - the wounded were left without water and medicines.Two men crawled to the channel, but never returned.Then Savin took two jars, went to him myself.As soon as she dropped them in the water, the Germans immediately shot them.

breakthrough enemy

Other shafts gathered women and children, the cook, the wounded, the cook.Together with them were unarmed and doctors Mokhov and oil.The Germans broke through to the shafts.Everyone who was in them, the Germans pushed closer to the hospital departments.Severely political instructor, who was also with them, the Germans shot lying.Several soldiers were killed by gunfire.Among them were seriously ill.Soon the group was discovered, in which the present Savina.They pushed the walking wounded and seriously ill were shot on the spot.The Germans, wounded and gathered a group of women, among whom was Savina, we decided to hide behind it.Soviet soldiers defending the fort shouted to them to lay down.Women and fell wounded, and the soldiers opened fire on the Nazis.This went on for several times.

Anna Ovchinnikova

nurses work during the Great Patriotic War, it seems, did not stop for a moment.In the fierce battles people were killed, did not have enough staff.Women often worked without sleep and rest.So it was with the senior laboratory assistant clinical department Anna Ovchinnikova.On the eve of the shelling, she worked with the late head of the laboratory Timofeeva.Around 11 pm Ovchinnikov went to rest.Soon after the first explosions were heard.At the Timofeevoj Ovchinnikov quickly headed for the office.Paramedics were on duty then evacuated the wounded and sick.

From the memoirs of Anna Ovchinnikova

"all the wounded - she wrote - were not able to bear."Save evacuated soldiers also failed.Making his way once again with a wounded soldier on a stretcher to the shaft, we heard of the Nazis, the cries of children and women, shots.When things calmed down, they got to the shaft.However, in front of them appeared a terrible picture: near the shelter were killed by soldiers.Survivors and the walking wounded Germans were under guard.Nurses went around the shaft, hoping to find someone alive, but found no one.Then they laid the wounded man rescued.Nurses were unarmed and unable to defend himself or soldier.Covering a fighter, they headed for the office.But they were unable to go and had to hide in the bushes.

Zina Tusnolobova

She served as a nurse in April 1942.In February of the following year - 1943 - he was seriously wounded and frost-bitten in a battle for potted plant, located in the Kursk region.The doctors managed to save her life.But because of the strong frostbite Zinaida lost both legs and hands.

Valery Gnarovskaya

deserves special attention heroic act of a nurse during World War II.Biography of this woman is quite simple.Valeria was born in the Pskov region, in the village. Modolitsy.Her father was a clerk.Valery graduated from the school Podporozhsky them.Pushkin.In 1941, immediately after the war, she was evacuated to Ishim (Tyumen region)..There she became a telephone operator in an office Istoshinskom Berdyuzhskogo district.In 1942, Valery went to the front.There, she graduated from the course medical orderly.

Heroism Gnarovskoy

As a medical orderly regiment 907, Valeria save lives officers and soldiers.Thus, at p.Naked Valley in the Donetsk region.she was able to bring out of the fire 47 wounded.Defending the rescued soldiers, it destroyed more than 20 fascists.Valeria died in 1943, on Sept. 23, near the village of Ivanenko (currently with. Gnarovskoe) Zaporozhye region.With a bunch of grenades she threw herself under an enemy tank, undermining it.For his feat Valeria Gnarovskaya awarded posthumously the title of Hero.In Podporozhe in her honor a monument on the school building a memorial plaque.Gnarovskoy the name given to the streets in Tyumen and Podporozhe.

In conclusion

The above developments suggest that the role of nurses during World War II has been invaluable.Saving fighters, they are often killed themselves.Women worked alongside men, sometimes twice as much as they are.Form nurses during World War II was not different from a soldier.Often they had to perform, and combat missions.Then they received the appropriate uniforms, weapons.Just like men, they wore trousers and tunic.Such clothing nurses during World War II did not hesitate to move.This was particularly important during the evacuation of the wounded.All the nurses had a bag with medicines and bandages.In whatever difficult situation they were, they were always ready to help the wounded.The feat of nurses during the Great Patriotic War will forever remain in the history of the country.Indeed, precisely because these women have been saved a lot of lives.