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Napkin - Tableware indispensable.After all, without napkins impossible to observe cleanliness and tidiness of the table.In addition, a well-ironed and beautifully folded linen napkin, and even decorate the table.

There are many ways of folding napkins, but we recommend that you use the most convenient and easy way to have as little as possible to touch her hands and that in expanded form it does not look wrinkled.

One way of serving: a napkin, folded tube attach a decorative ring and put on a plate or nearby.In choosing the rings can show imagination - after all this detail brings a unique "flavor" in the decoration of the table.They can be made of beads, bows, strips of fabrics and vibrant colors.

Another way of folding napkins in a variety of shapes.Beautifully folded napkins can be an element of the design of the table and will pleasantly surprise your guests.

beautifully folded napkin linen or silk create a holiday atmosphere.When choosing a napkin should consider thematic focus of the holiday: to dinner with friends fit paper napkins bright colors, and for special occasions is better to use the swipe of a monochromatic fabric, in harmony with the dishes and tablecloth.

How correctly to use a napkin

Sitting down at the table and saw on a plate in front of a beautiful snow-white napkin folded, some are experiencing some sort of shyness in front of her.Sometimes even try gently set it aside, not knowing what a napkin is as necessary as a knife, fork, spoon, and, as they are designed to help the person with eating.

immediately before a meal napkin need to deploy, folded in half and put a bend in her lap.
fingers accidentally stained with meals, gently wipe the top half of napkins, without removing it from its knees.

wiping lip tissue taken from his knees with both hands, shortened by inverting it all in his hands and, putting his lips to the middle, they get wet on the top half of napkins.Wipe lip by sliding movements thereon napkin ugly.

After eating the napkin should be careful to put the right side of his plate.It is not recommended to hang it on the back of a chair or put on his seat.If

napkin accidentally fell to his knees on the floor, do not grieve: ask for a clean, use a napkin as raised from the floor, of course, impossible.