The most interesting fact about Luxembourg

Luxembourg - a small Western European countries.Despite the tiny size, this country - one of the richest in the world.The history of this state conceals many mysteries.The modern development of the country ahead of many Western European powers.What is the secret?This article will discuss the history and the present of this tiny state.Perhaps some interesting fact about Luxembourg you very surprised.

State structure and politics

  • official name of the country - the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.It comes from the word «lucilinburch», which translates as "small town".
  • Luxembourg is by far the world's only a duchy.
  • Head of State is Duke Henri (since 2000).
  • capital - the city of Luxembourg.He is considered one of the quietest and safest in the world.
  • Another interesting fact about Luxembourg.This country - the birthplace of Robert Schumann, a famous French politician and Minister of Foreign Affairs.He is the creator of the plan, the implementation of which has been formed "Coal and steel" - the first Euro
    pean community.
  • Travelers will be interested to know that the main official language here is Luxembourgish.It is a mixture of different dialects - French, German and Dutch.It should be noted that these languages ​​in Luxembourg are also official.In addition, most of the population is fluent in English.

Society and Economy

  • Speaking about the development of the State, it should be noted an interesting fact about Luxembourg is the highest level of GDP per capita in the world.It is several times higher than the average in Europe.
  • Today, in the Duchy of the highest minimum wages in the world.
  • Luxembourg - one of the best education in the world.Literacy is 100%.
  • Luxembourg is the largest number of banks in the world.
  • Duchy takes the first place in Europe in terms of economic freedom.
  • The population of Luxembourg is the world's largest number of mobile phones (15 pieces for 10 people).
  • The country is actively developing the business.According to its effectiveness it occupies 3 place in Europe (after Finland and Denmark).
  • In Luxembourg, the most crowded roads in the world.Thus there is never traffic jams.
  • Luxembourg - one of the founders and current members of the EU, NATO, the UN.


Every traveler or just an interested person knows that at the present stage is Luxembourg.Interesting facts about the country these days are endless.But not everyone knows how this state was in ancient times.

most interesting facts about the history of Luxembourg.

  • In the Middle Ages the country was three times more.Earlier in the vast territory of the Duchy it was part of the Belgian province of Luxembourg.
  • natives of the ruling dynasty of the country three times failed to take the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.It was Henry II, Charles IV and Sigismund.
  • in Luxembourg was repeatedly the scene of fighting between the strong European states.Thus, in a XV.these lands were ruled by France, and in 1555 - Spain.At the beginning of the XIX century.Luxembourg was placed under the control of the Netherlands.In 1839, the territory was divided into 2 parts.The first was ruled by Belgium and the other became part of the German Confederation.


Despite the fact that you can endlessly list the interesting facts about Luxembourg for children and travelers the most fascinating and informative is the information about the culture and traditions of this country.

  • Since the VII century.the main artistic center in the country was a monastery in Echternach.His master became famous for beautiful miniatures, which combined Irish and German traditions.Most
  • Luxembourg medieval castles and fortresses have not survived to the present day.
  • culture of this state was formed under the strong influence of other Western powers.It should be noted that the musical art of Luxembourg was formed on the basis of the German tradition.A clear indication of this are the annual festivals in Echternach.
  • Almost none of Luxembourg artists are not famous outside their homeland.
  • Edward Steychen (founder of American photography) - a native of this small state.


Each tourist will be interested to know the following facts about Luxembourg and its attractions.

  • One of the main places that are worth a visit - Casemates du Bock.This mysterious passages in the rock of Le Bock, lined up in the XVII century.Today, some of the old houses still exist underground passages in Casemates du Bock.
  • Wine Trail - it is the most "delicious" Landmark in the country.It is located along the border with Germany on the Mosel River to the Schengen Remigio.Interestingly, the most delicious grapes growing on the Luxembourg side, as the fertile valleys located on the south side and get more sun.Luxembourg wines from the Mosel Valley are known all over the world.In addition, in this area launched production of beer, liquor, juices, mineral waters.

interesting towns and places in Luxembourg

  • Viaden - one of the most picturesque towns in Luxembourg.It is located near Wiltz at the foot of the old fortress.In this town once lived Victor Hugo.Today on the site of his house is a museum.It is very popular among tourists.
  • Echternach - a city that can truly be considered an open air museum.Here are the ancient abbey, one of the oldest in Europe, the church of St. Peter and Paul, the pavilion of Louis XV, the canyon "cleft palate" and other interesting sights.Echternach is considered one of the most popular tourist centers of Luxembourg.
  • «Luxembourg, Switzerland" - a special region and the most picturesque place of the Grand Duchy.It is located in the north-east of the country.The name of this territory was due to the similarity with the most beautiful mountain regions of Switzerland.This area is famous for its numerous caves, unique flora and fauna, as well as the fortress of Beaufort.

Interesting facts about the city of Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg - the capital of the Grand Duchy.
  • City located at the confluence of two rivers: Petrus and Alzette.
  • Luxembourg is divided into 24 districts.However, tourists are usually only interested in 4. Among them, the Upper and Lower Town.The first is the historical center, where the main attractions of the capital.

  • second - an area on the opposite bank of the river Alzette, where the main banks, factories, the board of companies.Of particular interest to tourists is near the railway station and Kirchberg (here are all the main buildings of the European Union).
  • Another interesting fact about Luxembourg: the two major metropolitan areas (Lower and Upper Town) are interconnected by a plurality of bridges.There are more than 100.
  • In Luxembourg, there is a lot of interesting attractions.That is why the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Attractions capital

Luxembourg, despite their tiny size, rich variety of historical monuments and attractions.Here is the residence of the Grand Duke, a large number of bridges and cathedrals.

  • Consider the interesting facts about the Palace of the Dukes (Luxembourg).By the end of the XIX century.This building served as the Town Hall, the residence of the French administration and the Dutch governors.Only since 1890 the palace became the residence of the Dukes of Luxembourg.Very interesting history of the construction of the building.Prior to the XVI its place was a Franciscan church.In 1554 it was destroyed by lightning and burned down the entire Upper Town.It was built so big a new town hall, which is now the residence of the Dukes of Luxembourg.
  • Adolphe Bridge - the national symbol of the state.It is located in the beautiful valley of the river Petrus.Its construction began in 1900.The first stone of the bridge was laid by the Duke Adolf personally.