Description: examples.

From the ability to properly express their thoughts in many respects depends on how you will be understood by others.For this reason, the Russian language - is one of the main subjects of the school curriculum.It starts with penmanship in first class and is taught throughout the training period.For many, it is problematic enough to learn to write without errors - it speaks of speech rights, then, as he puts it, and talking.Some educators believe that the ability to speak correctly largely determines the competence of the individual and his ability to express his thoughts.It is for this reason that the educational program is aimed not so much on learning the rules of the Russian language, and on the development of skills stylistically true to build his arguments.To this end, the school held a large number of works aimed at description.Examples of these are quite simple: an essay on the film or, say, how the child spent the holidays.

These jobs allow the student to develop an ability to choose the right words and, as a consequence, properly expressed.

What description

description is called any piece of text or a saying, reveals the meaning of what he saw or heard.Essentially, the same description of the nature comes to speech seen on the transfer paper.As a rule, for the first time with this type of text a person faces in the school at Russian lessons.Modern educational programs are built in such a way that younger students mid-level, namely the fifth or sixth grade, wrote an essay in which you want to make, for example, the description of the colors or a person.In fact, this task is nothing complicated or unusual, but the child may experience some difficulties for the reason that he had never described anything coherent text.

Species description

Generally, all descriptions can be divided into two groups: living and nonliving.The first type should include people, animals, plants, nature, in short, everything that can be considered as animated.The second type are also quite common: this includes a description of the city, seasons, things technology.Despite this division, methods of narration may overlap, as in the writings must necessarily attend some literary exposition, involving the use of means of artistic expression.Of course, that comes with time, and the first works do not resemble perfectly written texts.But with the proper level of erudition of the child over time, he will learn appropriate words to portray anything, whether it is a description of nature or man.

plan describing

Despite the fact that the lessons of the teacher is obliged to give the students the plan that should be done description, examples of similar works may be different.Let's try to consider a universal way of writing these essays.First, you need to allocate for the highlights, which will build the structure of the work, namely introduction, body, conclusion, or conclusion.

important to note that his own opinion in such works available.This is logical, because it is difficult to distinguish if the objective is, for example, the description of the city.Each part has its own size.Entry - a small pair of common proposals sets the tone for the whole works.The main part - more detailed, here are the highlights.Conclusion - it is the overall impression of the object described.In its introduction, it should be said about how the object was created - if it's a picture, by whom and when it was written, if the building is, who its architect.On the main body will be described below, and at the end write usually about liked or disliked object and why.

how to express their thoughts

In writing this work is very important, as the author will conduct narrative.One of the most successful methods of description is considered to be the choice of the most striking parts and their detailed analysis.There is another way, which consists in a general review of all available details.It is very important to guess if, for example, the description of the picture.Painter could make some emphasis to catch.In this case, description will be bright.Another very important point is that you need to select exactly the expression, that the reader is able to work clearly imagine the described object.Of course, this skill is inherent in a talented writer, but through hard work, you can achieve good results.

Description school

most pressing issue is to describe the school as it is detected early difficulties.Generally, a quest using only a few types of work, reviewing that, you can successfully cope with any challenge.How to do it, and will focus on the second part of the article.As a rule, the job description is based on various paintings by famous artists.

certain artistic description of nature - this is what is primarily faced by each student.No need to be afraid, because there is a definite plan, following which, it is possible without any difficulty to cope with the task.So, there is a job description you want to.Examples discussed below.

Description landscape

First, you must exactly follow the plan, which was presented above.We are interested in the main part of it, because it causes the greatest number of questions.There is a rule: when describing any picture should move in the same direction.What does it mean?It's pretty simple.If you have a landscape, it is necessary to describe the object, for example, from top to bottom or vice versa.This will not forget a single detail and create a holistic view of the picture.Further, the motion required to select any object and describe its position in the overall composition, do not forget to use a means of artistic expression, as this will make the presentation more literary.

also considered important point is how the author described his painting.From this we can conclude that, on what should be paid special attention.If, for example, he called the painting "Summer", which means that you should pay attention to all the attributes of this time of the year and try to find them on the canvas.In this case, the description of the summer will be quite successful.For example, the description of such a picture in brief might look like this: "The painting of the artist N before us is a beautiful landscape, imprinted in the hot summer season. The sun is at its zenith, so we can conclude that it is noon. It is necessary to calm weather, no wind, the trees do not move. Bright colors on the stress that is now June - the most juicy is time "and so on.


second most popular task can be regarded as a description of various portraits.In fact, it is not much different from any other kind, but the principle is slightly different.If you want to make a physical description, an example can be considered in any work of classical literature.Author professional easily "iterates" appearance of the hero, examining his clothes, face and stopping attention to some distinctive features that allows you to liven up the story.This method is very advantageous to look at any work.But we need to have a sense of measures - namely, not to focus attention on one detail.The very essence of description is to in the shortest time, the most accurately convey the main features of the object.

Description Plant

favorite theme of many artists is the image of the plant, which is why often faced with the problem of their description.Here one should pay attention to the fact that, as a rule, these objects are small, so the author picture focuses on details.

Description of colors can serve as a prime example.If the picture - a still life, you have to try to notice all the features that gave the artist.Dewdrops, broken petals, stamens or irregular shape - all the important parts that transmit mood picture, and therefore, they should be included in the description.In general, there is no fundamental differences.The only thing you should pay attention - this paint.Color plants can play quite a significant role, so you need to refer to materials that reveal the importance of color characters.

Other descriptions

addition notorious paintings, another type of job can be a description of the holidays.Probably everyone wrote about how he spent it, definitely include in your description of the story of the summer.It is worth to pay attention to some of the common items that are associated with a particular season, that is easy to imagine any.Then the work will look very advantageous.

Sometimes the description of the events might not be a simple exercise, as it initially seemed.A student wishing to share a wealth of information superimposed on the impression can express their thoughts and disconnected abruptly, so there should be special attention paid to the plan - perhaps spend more time on its careful design.In this case, it is easy to write a good essay, which will be easy and pleasant to read.

Conclusion Of course, you can give a lot of advice about how to do description.The examples are not to be redundant, but they can be clumsy.When writing any work style is very important.Its presence in the majority of cases can greatly help, even if a person does not have the information.Borrowing other people's thoughts can lead to a dulling of the writer's talent that everyone has.And this, in turn, is fraught with the fact that in high school or in exams the student will be difficult to concentrate properly and express their thoughts.If the child is able to perform a self-description of an object, so it does not just know how to properly express their thoughts, but it does so confidently and quickly.Undoubtedly, it is necessary to learn, and there will be a useful practice.To know the Russian language - it is the duty of every citizen of Russia.