Erectile dysfunction and heart disease

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Today, men are more likely to complain of the disorder potency and libido.In Italy doctors empirically found that a violation of potency may indicate an impending heart disease even 2-3 years before the first symptoms.According to studies, 93% of men worried about trouble with the potency of 1-3 years before it started having problems with his heart.After receiving the data of men with impaired potency send an appointment with a cardiologist.

There are times when symptoms of CHD are not expressed, while patients undergo a thorough examination to detect hidden heart disease.Then the doctor gives advice on lifestyle changes.

with Italian doctors agree to our Russian.Even more than that, from the point of view of Russian scientists violation of erectile function can cause a decrease in testosterone levels.Thereby reducing male libido.In these cases, Cialis pharmacies.It was also shown that the overall health of men depends on the quality and potency of sexual desire.

In the early twentieth century Russian researchers have shown that hypertension is more often in men with reduced potency, and additional injections of testosterone have hypotensive effects.

57% of men who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting, previously observed erectile dysfunction.And among those men who were hospitalized with myocardial infarction - 64%.The result is a direct relationship of vascular pathologies with erectile dysfunction.Man must accept ED as an indicator of what is to consult a doctor and fully screened.There are, of course, Cialis price for it bite for the average person.And this drug will not give permanent effect and will not solve all health problems.All the same, it will be necessary to examine the heart.

Pro testosterone is to say that its decline is reflected not only in potency, but also in other organs and systems, and therefore the study it will be more important than at any age.

Scientists from many countries came to the conclusion that erectile dysfunction in adult men are not related to his age, and the way of life, bad habits, chronic diseases.Sometimes running, finished the cure of the disease may be the cause of erectile dysfunction and testosterone decline.There is a launch of a new chain of physiological abnormalities.

Unfortunately, even the doctors do not always pay attention to the patient's ailment.But today, medicine is able to provide immediate assistance even in the most minor symptoms of the disease, prevent vascular disorders, regain virility, and with it the fullness of life.Think about your health, if you can not understand the reason for the lack of erection, maybe this is the first "bell" to refer to a specialist.