How to increase libido in men?

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Crazy rhythm of life, stress, bad food, bad environment - all this leads to the emergence of certain diseases in humans.With many of them we go to the doctor, examining, and we are treated.And what if a man lost libido?This is not a runny nose or scratch, but rather a sensitive issue, which is not a representative of the stronger sex would go to the doctor.And sometimes such a visit is not required, it is possible to cope on their own, it all depends on the reasons.Let's look at how to raise libido in men in all possible ways.

libido or potency?

offer to understand the difference between these concepts, because, unfortunately, many people believe that the potency and libido - are synonymous.Not at all.Libido - it is the sex instinct, the desire to commit an act of intimate, but the potency - it is an opportunity to implement his men.As you can see, the possibilities and desires in this area do not always coincide.If there is loss of libido in men, treatment with drugs is not always a way out.It all depends on the reasons that led to this.Let's consider them in order to understand whether or not to use drugs that increase libido, or you can manage on their own.So, your attention is invited to the main causes and possible solutions.

Reason number one: psychology

prolonged depression, stress, anxiety, for any reason, can lead to such consequences here.Very often the desire is reduced due to sexual disorders, when the man showed himself a "male" lost confidence.How to increase libido in men in this case?Of course, it is desirable to turn to a psychologist, who will return to normal life.In this situation, a lot depends on the partner.If it is to be understanding (not sympathy), patience, will help sort out the problem, then I do not need a psychologist.

Reason number 2: the lack of testosterone

In this case as an opportunity to commit the sexual act the man, and the desire to depend on the amount of this important hormone in the body.The more testosterone, the more pronounced libido and vice versa.How to increase libido in men in this situation?The assumption of a lack of the hormone, of course, you can do it, but if there are no other obvious reasons, it is necessary to hand over analyzes.If, however, the problem lies precisely in this, you should know how to increase libido in men, that is, how to raise the level of testosterone.The information you will find a little lower.

Reason number 3: lack of sleep, fatigue

Keeping libido - is, as it turns out, the additional function of the body, but not the main one.Therefore, when a man is tired, the body requires rest and not "think" about the intimate life of the components.If as a result of lost libido in men, no treatment is required, but a full sleep and rest - yes.

Reason number 4: alcohol and drugs

These harmful substances inhibit absolutely all functions of the body, of course, suffering and libido.Sex hormones are not produced in sufficient quantity, of any desire or opportunity can there be?For in this case to increase libido in men, treatment should be directed first to the decoupling and then, perhaps, the desire will appear by itself.

Reason number 5: power

If the body does not get all the nutrients you need, and not all of the functions it will perform like it should.Correction of the menu at this issue we will discuss below.

Reason number 6: disease

happens that increase libido in men happen only after they cured the illness, which provoked all.Blame the lack of desire to diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes and so on.Of course, in this case, without the doctors and proper treatment, you can not cope.

6 These reasons underlie the lack of male desire.Increase libido in men can be done in different ways.As we have said, it all depends on the cause.In short, we have already described, how to deal with the problem, depending on the factor, now let's look at some more points.

We raise testosterone

Low levels of this hormone not only contribute to the appearance of sexual problems, but also irritation, fatigue and others. In order to normalize the levels of an important hormone, should review your diet and lifestyle.

  1. Power.How to increase libido in men using the correct diet?Be sure to include in your diet minerals.For example, zinc - it is a necessary building block for testosterone molecule.Contained it in fish, seafood, nuts, seeds.Do not forget to maintain the level of calcium, selenium and magnesium, which are necessary for the synthesis of the hormone.It is equally important to eat foods rich in "special" vitamins.Eat wild rose, citrus fruits, avocados.No wonder they say that men need to eat meat.This adds strength and helps synthesized hormone.Exclude from the diet of fast carbohydrates, fatty foods, and so on. D.
  2. leads to normal weight.It has long been a proven fact that men with excess weight decreases testosterone.There kilograms - no hormone.The fact is that male hormones in the adipose tissue are transformed into women.And there will not help you drugs that increase libido in men.Go to the gym and occupy themselves.
  3. disclaims bad habits.On this subject many interesting things everywhere said.We add only that beer, a favorite man's drink, contains a well, a lot of female hormones.The consequences for his libido can guess yourself.

testosterone relatively clear.How else to help men increase the libido?

Sexual activity

As strange as it may sound, but try to be as active in this field.Doctors say that a moderate increase intimate contact hormones and sperm quality.However, this does not mean that now we have to drop everything and deal exclusively with sex.Otherwise you may not get the result, but the opposite.

hiding from stress

When a man survive the stress, he actively begins to produce cortisol, and he, in turn, reduces the production of testosterone.So try to be more often in a good mood.By the way, even the medical experts showed that 70% of the level of sexual desire is linked with the psychological environment at home, at work and so on. D. Particularly adversely affect libido family quarrels.The fact that they are "actuated" part of the brain responsible for the intimate life.After the scandal, this area of ​​the brain overstrained because she "believes" that the man was "dose" of sexual activity and more it is not necessary.Take

adopt natural aphrodisiacs

While some foods replenish our body with essential minerals and vitamins, while others contain substances that increase not only libido but also the quality of an intimate part.What are these products?

  1. Garlic.Increase blood circulation, extends the sexual act, contains a lot of selenium, needed for the production of testosterone.
  2. Bow.It has the same properties as garlic.By the way, in ancient monasteries, it is strictly forbidden to add to the food, because he provoked the sexual attraction.
  3. Celery.It is a powerful aphrodisiac.Why is that?It not only helps to synthesize testosterone, but to highlight the man then acts as a powerful pheromone to the fairer sex.
  4. nuts and honey.This mixture will help to better any "Viagra".It has a unique combination of substances that help the main hormone produced by men.
  5. Ginger.A very useful product: coping with excess weight, increases libido, gives the body a lot of energy.

increase libido in men

drugs designed to increase sexual desire, are sold in virtually any pharmacy.However, it is advisable not to buy them on an "ad said ..." or "neighbor helped."It is a product that has a unique side effects, so be sure to consult a specialist.Most likely, he will order tests, and only by its results will prescribe one of the following drugs.

  1. means "Viagra".Today, many men are grateful for the mistake the doctors who wanted to develop a drug for heart disease, but it turned out what happened.The active component of the drug - sildenafil citrate, that it not only helps to improve blood flow, but also to enhance sexual desire.However, not everyone can take the vehicle by virtue of existing side effects.For example, it in no way be used by people who use the drug "Nitroglycerin" because these drugs are simply incompatible.Ignoring the recommendations will lead to strokes.
  2. drug "Cialis".Its popularity is significantly higher than the previously mentioned "Viagra", due to the lack of so many side effects.After 30 minutes of ingestion desire will be felt.
  3. means "Impaza."This homeopathic preparation of a series that will help solve the problem of lack of sexual desire.The tool is not addictive and has almost no contraindications.
  4. drug "Vuk-wook."It is made from a South African plant.Is able to increase not only male but also female libido.

What can help a woman?

What else affects the increase libido in men?The drugs we have already considered, but are sometimes able to help not chemistry, and warmth, tenderness, kindness, cunning.

Here, for example, never go to sleep under different quilts.Perhaps the "accidental" touch will cause a wave of passion.If you sleep under different quilts, that this just does not happen.

There are ladies who on occasion sent his man to sleep on the other sofa or into the next room.Do not ever do that!And if you like it there?And then if he will go to a neighbor or girlfriend, where libido and wakes up?But if the man next to you and, for example, the night was terrible, you can cuddle up to him and hug.And who knows, perhaps the hormones begin to seethe?


And finally tell you about one important fact: the victory, no matter how small and insignificant, leads to crazy testosterone production.So relax, eat well, win, live 100%, and libido let you down!Do not rush to resort to the use of chemicals, try natural methods.Perhaps you did not have enough sleep or just needed to lose a few kilos.Good luck, love and patience!