How to make drawings gel nail polish

Every girl dreams of having her arms looked well-groomed and beautiful, so the drawings gel polish on the nails are often way out.But the constant trips to the salon, where he made an interesting manicure, not everyone can afford, and take up too much time.Therefore, the fair sex often try to learn how to create their own unusual and stylish paintings.Here the main thing - patience and practice.

sequins and gel nail polish: the easiest option

If you want to make a beautiful winter (or summer) manicure using gel polish, but are afraid that the complex drawing you do not succeed, then a great option would be the use of specialsparkles.But it is worth remembering that to make the application very carefully, so as not to spoil the work.To avoid this, there will be given a small workshop.Figures gel varnish were not always the complexity and technicality.Some manicures can be done very simply and easily.To create a manicure with gel polish and glitter you need: UV lamp, color gel, basic and finishing coat, brush, glitter, a tool that helps to remove the sticky layer.

  1. Prepare the nail plate.Remove cuticle and pterygium, polish the surface (if necessary).Apply primer and base coat nail coating.Then dry it under the lamp.
  2. Apply any color gel nail polish of your choice.Also dry the layer under the lamp.
  3. Apply another layer of gel polish.Warning: it is not necessary to dry.
  4. brush type a little glitter.Remember that they do not need to press the surface of the nail, just sprinkle.
  5. Remove sequins that stuck to seeding the process of peri-ungual.Dry nails under the lamp.
  6. Apply a topcoat.Dry and remove the stickiness.

Now you know how to make a drawing of gel varnish using conventional sequins.This option is ideal for any time of year.It can be used for everyday or festive manicure.

create matte nail polish gel lacquer

Most beginners do not receive even simple drawings gel varnish.But do not worry, as long as you practice, you can make a beautiful and quite unusual matte manicure.The main thing to remember several important rules.Masters often create a matte finish and a girl coming into the store cosmetics, ask the seller matte varnish.But this is the wrong decision.The fact is that after applying the top coat nails will still shine.What to do?

  1. First prepare the nails for the procedure, and apply a base coat.
  2. Apply any color gel polish.Dry.
  3. Apply a topcoat.
  4. To give the surface dullness, it is necessary to process a special grinder.They worked out the area, beginning with the work of the free edge and slowly moving toward the cuticle.
  5. important to remember that the grinder is better to choose soft enough so that it could not damage the layer of gel polish.
  6. little to decorate your nails, you can "kill" them pieces of foil.To do this, apply a base coat tips and push him any suitable colored foil.

gel lacquer paintings

in a beauty salon gel polish is often used to create the mural.If you do not know how to make a drawing of gel polish, you should read the following instructions:

  1. Prepare nails and apply a base coat, which should be immediately dried.
  2. Then apply the color gel nail polish that you have chosen as the main color.Remember that if you want to create a French manicure, then you can do without it.
  3. should now go directly to the painting.Figures gel nail polish can be quite different and match your mood, season or holiday.You can also repeat the painting, which is repeated on your clothes.Usually, beginners when learning how to make a drawing of gel polish, choose simple figures: snowflakes, flowers, leaves, geometric shapes.
  4. possible to make a so-called signature "stretching".To do this, apply to the nail plate several strips (vertical or horizontal), and before drying under the lamp thoroughly mix them with a brush, creating a nice soft transitions.
  5. can do painting paints using base gel lacquer is colorless or colored.

Manicure gel nail "Fry Ville"

Fry Ville - a precious house in Austria.Manicure, named in his honor, has become very popular today.He created using irreplaceable gel lacquer and imagination of the designer.If you do not know how to make drawings gel lacquer, then this option is perfect for you.

  1. Prepare your nails, apply a base coat, dry.
  2. Remove the sticky layer.
  3. Take quite thin brush and begin to apply the painting.By using different colored gel varnishes, create different geometric shapes.Remember that at the end of the drawing should look like a mosaic.After application of each individual color dry the nail.
  4. Again remove the sticky layer.
  5. Then again, a fine brush circle the edge of each color forms, dry.
  6. Then reprint foil pattern on the mosaic.
  7. Cover topcoat and dry.

Drawing "snakeskin" with gel varnish

If you are going to create unusual "snake" paintings, cover gel polish is not necessary, with zheuspehom you can use a normal nail polish.But preferably still the first option.

  1. Prepare the surface for the procedure, apply a base coat and allow to dry.
  2. Apply a rich green gel lacquer, dry under a lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. Then cover nails swamp pearl shade.Do not dry!
  4. With a brush, apply a clear varnish randomly drops and wait until the manifest image.
  5. Cover topcoat and dry.

French and drawings gel lacquer

French manicure is probably the most popular today.But its monotony a little bit tired.To make the jacket more playful and unusual, many provide it with interesting thematic patterns.How correctly to create a jacket with a pattern of gel polish?

  1. Prepare the nail plate.Remove the cuticle.Glitter polish must be carefully removed using a nail file.Then you can degrease the plate.
  2. Apply a thin layer of base coat and dry it under the lamp.
  3. Take the base color gel nail polish (usually a shade close to skin tone).Apply a thin layer and allow to dry.
  4. Then you can make a mandatory line on the free edges of the nail.It usually takes white lacquer.Apply it with a brush and fix a lamp.
  5. To diversify manicure, you can start at the corner of "smiles" to create some perfect image: a flower, a snowflake.
  6. Cover all topcoat and dry.

How to choose the right gel lacquer paintings?

Many girls from choosing pictures gel polish on the nails, wondering: what will look best?Here you need to consider their own preferences, fashion trends, time of year.You can choose the pattern under your clothes or under the theme of the festival, which you create a manicure.Most often creates paintings based on the time of year: the fall of a popular are yellow, orange, maroon colors with leaves and berries in the summer - fruits, flowers, sun, butterflies.In winter - snowflakes, snow spider or snegovichki.To set the mood and create a playful way can draw attention to the cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse.

Why maniyur with gel varnish may be unstable?

There are several reasons:

  1. You do not have enough skills or practices.
  2. you forgot to degrease the nail plate.
  3. you have not put a base or top coat.
  4. Drying is carried out low-quality UV lamp.
  5. you purchased poor-quality gel nail.

Benefits of creating drawings gel lacquer

Of course, you can create paintings and conventional paint, but the gel nail has many advantages:

  1. on the nails will not form cracks, nail polish will last much longer and will delight you and those around herbeauty.
  2. you spend on the creation of this masterpiece is just half an hour.
  3. In the line of gel varnish from any manufacturer, you can find a lot of the most diverse colors.
  4. Figures gel polish on the nails are more resistant and does not fade so quickly.
  5. Gel polish helps to achieve a very beautiful luster, which is difficult to create a conventional paints.