Broken nails - what to do ?Why is broken fingernails , and which has the means of brittle nails ?

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It's no secret that all women enjoy the beautiful well-groomed nails.They are not only attracted by the views of others, but also to indicate the accuracy of women.However, not everyone can have beautiful nails, even if you really want it.One of the most common problems, and lamination is brittle nails as a result they are unsightly, despite the efforts made to bring them into order.Such a condition can not be hidden even under the nail, as he almost does not keep them.A similar problem faced daily by many women, but not everyone knows why exfoliate and break nails and how to fight it.

Health problems - one of the reasons for breaking and foliation nail

If exfoliate and break your nails, then, first of all, we should pay attention to their health, because often these problems occur because of violations of the internal organs.As a rule, experienced and qualified doctor only one appearance of nails can suggest a specific disease and to appoint a more thorough examination.In what cases should consult a doctor?If the nails exfoliate, their color is paler color, and sometimes with the blue, it may be the consequences of disruption of the cardiovascular system.If there is separation of the nail plate thickening of some of its sections, plus on the surface appear transverse recess strip, it may indicate that a person has some kind of latent infection.

Sloyatsya and broken fingernails and lung disease.In this case, on the surface there are small yellow spots, the detection of which is recommended to consult a doctor lung specialist for a closer examination.If on the surface of the nail are not yellow, and numerous white spots, then this may be the first sign of increase in blood sugar.In this case, the study of blood.They are brittle nails and after the appearance of these small deposits of white bumps that may be a consequence of latent viral infections.If the layer of nails take a concave shape, it may be prerequisites blood diseases.

Effect of malnutrition on brittle nails

Answering the question: "Why are broken fingernails?", One can not forget about the unbalanced diet.The first sign of this - located on the nail plate longitudinal dents.Besides, improper diet leads to a metabolic disorder, which also negatively affects the nails, which become brittle and highly layer.In addition, when there is a shortage of malnutrition trace elements and vitamins.In this case, it is recommended to visit a doctor or a nutritionist to replenish your body with vitamins such as D, A, E, B5, silicon, calcium.Some vitamins can be obtained by adding to your diet the following products: fish, nuts, dairy products, dried fruit.With a shortage of vitamin A should eat carrots with any vegetable oil.

harm from exposure to water and chemicals

If you're completely healthy, why break your nails?This may be caused by the negative impact of various chemicals such as washing powder, detergents and cleaning products, used in the home.Those who work in manufacturing, have all kinds of harm to solvents and resins.In order to protect the nails from the harmful effects, it is recommended in contact with these substances to use rubber gloves.The negative impact has and normal tap water, which is strongly desiccate the nail plate, causing it to become fragile and brittle.So after prolonged contact with water, the nails just need a moisturizer.There are people who can not wash dishes with gloves.In this case, it is recommended to carry out a procedure such as sealing, which is done in beauty salons.The gist of it is that the nail plate is applied to a special tonic, which is then varnished.This coverage lasts for a week, then the procedure must be repeated.

negative impact on nails and provide excessive use of lacquer and acetone to remove them.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear around the clock nail polish.At least a couple of days a week they should be given a rest.To remove the lacquer is better to use special tools, although they have a negative impact, but many times less than acetone.

Mechanical damage

But that's not all the reasons for which the broken nails.The important role played by their exposure to various types of mechanical action.You just think, how much load is on our nails in everyday life: something otkovyrnut, hook, scrape.But they are tightly superimposed layers of keratin.With strong mechanical action, this density is broken.The more is the load on them, the more they exfoliate and become damaged, resulting in becoming brittle.To avoid this, you need to follow a few rules.If your work is done by computer, it is not necessary to grow long fingernails, because they are quite damaged by numerous strikes on the keyboard.For transplant flowers wear protective gloves.Do not open the bottle of nail.

Incorrect grinding edge of the nail

Another reason for the broken nails, is wrong with the treatment of the edges of the shortening.In the treatment of the free part of the nail is not recommended to use an iron nail file, because it leaves a lot of tiny microparticles that lead to separation and brittle nails.More than a harmless glass nail file manicure or ceramic.It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the thinner the nail, the smaller should be sprayed on the nail file.In no case do not open the exfoliated part.It is recommended that only apply to them firming agent.In order to preserve the integrity of the nail cover to properly hold the instrument: nail file should be perpendicular to the nail.

Brittle nails in children

In adults, all the reasons because of which the broken nails, clear.But what if the child has broken nails, and in doing so he is absolutely healthy.It would seem, with a variety of chemicals in the home, he does not contact, does not use paints, it is not subject to mechanical stress, so why is this happening?It's no secret that our faucets flowing water is not of good quality.It was she who, in most cases, the culprit is the fact that young children nails exfoliate and subsequently break.In such cases, should heed the advice of doctors who recommend procedures under water for the kids to use boiled water.

Paraffin and massage

we describe all the reasons why broken fingernails.What is missing for healthy nails can now be described in two words - "food" and "moisturizing".One of the most effective treatments is the paraffin.It can be carried out in beauty salons or at home.After several treatments circulation improves, whereby the nails are saturated with oxygen and nutrients, which makes them strong and healthy.Once or twice a week at home can make compresses nail (25 grams of glycerol, 70 grams of water, 5 grams of alum).In winter, two or three times per week is recommended to be applied to the nails at night olive oil.Quite effective for strengthening nails is to massage: the cuticle area is massaged quite soft brush moistened with glycerin or baby oil.It should be noted that the effect of this procedure will be more pronounced, when conducted in conjunction with a bath of sea salt.

oils and medicated creams as a remedy for brittle nails

To strengthen and supply of nails, there are various medicated oils and creams, which contain allatonin and panthenol and promote healing of the cuticle.To promote the formation of cells in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnail growth recommended creams containing nutrients and liposomes.To protect against the negative effects on the environment nail plate - Cream containing vitamin C, and keratin protein.

Baths for strengthening nails

If broken fingernails, you can use an easier way to strengthen them - baths.The most commonly used bath of warm water with the addition of yogurt, essential oils of sandalwood, bergamot, pine, ylang-ylang.Curative effect, and lemon juice, so it is recommended to use warm water baths for hands with the addition of juice.For the layer of nails, you can even add a few drops of iodine and a couple of tablespoons of sea salt.It must be remembered that each such procedure should last 10 to 15 minutes.To quickly strengthen the nail plate is considered to be the most effective warm bath of red wine with the addition of sea salt.The wine warmed up to 40-50 degrees.The duration of this procedure can be extended to 20 minutes.At the end of a conventional hand rinsed with warm water, wipe off and applied nourishing cream.

addition to red wine, trays used for cooking and white: 100 grams of 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 5 tablespoons of vinegar.The resulting substance fingertips dipped for 15 minutes, then wipe dry and lubricated with a nourishing cream.For a layer of polish to be more effective bath, consisting of 50 grams of wine and 100 grams of water infusion of chamomile.It should be noted the efficiency and simpler ingredients.So, to strengthen nails perfect bath, consisting of a cup of warm water, 2 tablespoons of dry black tea and 100 milliliters of fresh cabbage juice.