Mask polish with red pepper - home care for your hands

Beautiful and well-groomed hands - is the dream of any girl.But not every one of them is the owner of strong and attractive nails that do not break and do not exfoliate.Nowadays there are many different tools for nail care and hand.And among them not only professional, but also the people, the use of which does not require expensive salon visits, and high costs.

mask nails with red pepper stands out among all available means its effectiveness.It should be noted that the hot pepper can be used not only as an ingredient in the mask, it is also possible to add in a cream for care of nails - they will grow faster and become much stronger.

Red pepper polish

Masks polish with burning red pepper is very simple.It should be added to a tablespoon of nutrient cream a couple of teaspoons of red pepper, half a spoon of citric acid and ten drops of boiled water.The obtained mixture was put in a water bath and heated therein for ten minutes, carefully mixing, all components were mixed.Cooled with pepper cream should be applied to the nail plate in the evening, wrap your fingers and keep the film for fifteen minutes.The mixture is then washed off with water, and easy nails rubbed cream.

mask nails with red pepper acts quickly and efficiently - just a couple of days break and nails stop stratify.Please note that the frequent use of such a mask is not recommended.Only one or two times a month, depending on the status of your nails.

Strengthen nails red pepper

worth noting the use of red pepper in the use of it in food.Many women in Asia and Latin America are the happy owner of a strong and smooth nails.However, they do not always use a variety of cosmetics and folk remedies for hand care.Just mistress Mexican and Chilean red pepper added to almost all dishes.

It contains substances that contribute to the normalization of metabolism and stimulating blood circulation, and it positively affects the state of the nails.They get more useful and nutrients, their condition greatly improved.Rich pepper and vitamins C, E, B, carotene, potassium salts, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and many other useful features.

Masks for the care of hands and nails

Homemade masks for nail growth can be prepared from virtually any product.Effective and versatile tool that makes your nails beautiful and well-groomed, a lemon mask with sea salt.To prepare the mixture requires a little bit of a ripe lemon and sea salt.Lemon should be cut in half and squeeze the juice from both halves.It added sea salt.The mixture was thoroughly mixed and placed in a water bath for 15 minutes.After the mask has cooled, it is necessary to lower their nails and warming for 20 minutes.Hands on completion of the procedure necessary to wash and lubricate the moisturizer.

essential oils to strengthen nails

mask nails with red pepper - not only means making your hands manicured and beautiful.Possess miraculous powers and essential oils.To prepare the mixture, we need the following items: peach, rose oil, burdock.Mix the oil in equal proportions and keep in a water bath.Preheat the mixture is applied to the nails, like a normal nail, and keep for half an hour.Then wash off with warm water and moisturizing cream fingernails.Through this simple means your nails will become more flexible and elastic.

Effective mask for hands and nails

excellent tonic for the nail becomes a mask of lemon juice and olive oil.For its preparation need to be heated in a water bath of olive oil and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice.The mixture is applied to the nail beds with massaging movements, and wear cotton gloves.The mask should be left for the night.The procedure can be repeated once or twice a week.

for treatment and strengthening of nails is recommended to use a mask made of natural wax.The wax is melted in a water bath, and the finger tips are lowered into the resulting mixture.Then hands should immediately dipped in cold water.As a result, your fingers are covered with a layer of natural wax, which must be left on all night.Mask must use twice a week for three weeks.

To return the nails healthy color, you need every day to rub in the nail plate ointment of the following composition: a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of glycerine and three tablespoons of rose water.Excellent strengthens nails and massage with vitamins A and E. It is best to carry out this procedure before going to bed.

Proper care of hands and nails

hand woman can determine her age and condition of nails spoke about her health.If you pay much attention to your face, and it looks beautiful and well maintained, but forget about the proper care of nails and hands, and they were wrinkled and rough, then all your efforts to look younger than their years will be in vain.

mask nails with red pepper and other effective means very easy to prepare at home.Apply them only need ten or fifteen minutes.The use of masks and enables rapid results long as they have a profound effect, unlike the conventional means for leaving.They nourish and heal the skin, leaving your hands and nails are young and beautiful.